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ISO Steel CONNEX Containers are built to exacting standards established by ISO 1496. These specifications include 14 gauge steel corrugated walls and roof, 1 1/8” treated plywood flooring, cross members placed at 18” on center, etc. All SMS Containers meet these rigid specifications.

20’ – 4,850 lbs
40’ – 8,380 lbs

20’ – 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’ tall
40’ – 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’ tall

20’ – 19’ 5 45/65” long x 7’ 8 19/32” wide x 7’ 9 57/64” tall
40’ – 39’ 5 45/64” long x 7’ 8 19/32” wide x 7’ 9 57/64” tall

Yes. All SMS Containers and Portable Offices are wind and water tight, or weatherproof.

A lock box is a rectangle steel cover that will allow you to put a padlock over a hasp, securing one door to the other.

A Slidebolt is a security device attached to the right door. This device accepts a heavy duty puck style lock that will insert over a hasp. Once the Slidebolt is secured in place, it will lock both cargo doors together. The interior of the cargo doors may have rods that secure the doors to the interior framing of the Container.

Remove locks from the Slidebolt and Lockbox. Slide the Slidebolt to the right or “open” position. Firmly grasp the handles of the right door, and pull them up and away from the hasps. The inner handle (on the right door) will need to be loosened before pulling on the outer handle. Open the right door. Remove the lock rods from the interior of the left door if available (not all SMS Containers have interior locks rods). Next, firmly grasp the handles of the left door, and pull them up and away from the hasps. The inner handle will need to be loosened before pulling on the outer handle. Open the left door. The left door cannot be opened if the right door is closed.

Shut the left door first. Fasten the handles into the hasps, starting with the left handle first, then the right handle. Place the left door interior lock rods into place if available (not all SMS Containers have interior locks rods). Shut the right door next. Fasten the handles to lock the door in place, locking with the right handle first, then the left handle. Slide the Slidebolt lever to the left or “closed” position. Insert locks into the Slidebolt and Lockbox.

Yes, all SMS Containers and Portable Offices are rodent and bug proof.

The exterior of SMS Containers and Portable Offices are light beige.

Please contact your local branch. We carry desktops, plan tables, pipe racks and shelving. We can modify racks, etc., to meet your unique storage requirements.

Yes, please see our Custom Container section for modification ideas. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. SMS has CAD personnel, as well as Civil and Mechanical Engineers that can work with you to design and fabricate a product to your exact specifications.

It’s as simple as calling the location nearest you. If there is a problem that cannot be solved over the phone, we’ll schedule a service call to address the problem.

We strive to deliver your SMS Container within 24 to 48 hours, Monday through Friday. However, delivery times may vary according to distance from your nearest location, the style or model of the Container ordered or stock availability. Call the location nearest you for information on our current delivery schedule.

Containers and Portable Offices are taken off rent the day after you schedule your pickup. SMS will pick up your Container or Portable Office within 1 to 5 business days.

Yes. Please call the location nearest you for details.

SMS Containers have double cargo doors on one end of the Container. Your sales representative will ask you if you need the container placed as “doors to front” (whereby the Container is loaded with the doors facing the front of the truck, and will be offloaded last) or “doors to rear” (whereby the container is loaded with the doors facing the rear of the truck, and will be offloaded first).

To offload the Container correctly, the truck and trailer will need to pull straight out from the desired placement of the Container. For example, if you order a 30’ Container, it will be delivered with a 75’ truck and trailer rig, which will require 105’ of space. Your SMS sales representative will work with you to determine the required space for optimal Container placement.

As long as the ground is flat and level, you do not need a foundation. If you’d like some sort of stable support, you can use railroad ties, blocks, etc. SMS drivers carry leveling blocks and will assist with placing the Container as flat as possible. The Container does need to be level for the cargo doors to operate properly.

An SMS driver will position the truck in a location that will enable the best placement of the Container. The driver will tilt the trailer and slowly drive away, allowing the Container to gently rest on the ground.

SMS requires 14’ of overhead clearance. SMS will not be able to deliver a Container in a desired location of there are significant encumbrances (i.e. trees, power lines, overhangs).

Yes, but it is not recommended. Without a level foundation you may have a problem opening and closing the cargo doors.

SMS will schedule transport of Containers on specific dates but not specific times. Generally, SMS will accommodate a 4 hour time window around requested times. Exact delivery and pickup times will be dependent upon traffic, weather conditions and existing delivery and pickup orders.

Yes, as long as it is an ISO container. Please call the location nearest you for details.

Since the Container is going to be in place on a temporary basis, there is generally not a need for any type of permit. However, if you’re located in an apartment complex or town home community, you should check with your apartment manager or HOA. Some cities or municipalities may also require a permit if a Container is going to be placed in the street in front of your home.

All SMS Portable Offices operate on 100 amp service, 110/240 volts.

All SMS Portable Offices meet the latest electrical commercial requirements.

No. Portable Offices are commercial structures and must be hard-wired to the source by a licensed electrician.

First, check the filter. HVAC filters must be replaced every month. If the filter is clean, look at the compressor. If there are ice crystals formed on the compressor, the thermostat is set too low for the unit. Do not set the temperature lower than 76 degrees. If your AC is still not working properly, please call your nearest SMS office to schedule a service.

Please call your nearest SMS office to speak with one of our electricians. SMS Portable Offices will have varying types of AC Systems depending upon the make & model of the Portable Office.

SMS Portable Offices have paneled walls, tiled ceilings and tiled floors.

Yes, SMS Portable Offices are ADA compliant. You may have to rent a small ramp to provide access over the 6” frame of the container. Contact your SMS sales representative for details.

Replace the fluorescent tube. If the light still does not work, please call your nearest SMS Office to schedule a service.

SMS can set up invoicing via auto debit, standard mail or email.

Personal property tax is a tax on personal property (rental equipment) that is levied by certain municipalities.

Like most equipment rental companies, SMS standard billing is on a 4 week or 28 day cycle. For unique requirements, we can offer customized billing.

After a minimum rental period (four to eight weeks), SMS will prorate your final invoice to the day after it is called off rent. Since SMS bills in advance, your current invoice will not reflect the rental termination. After your container is picked up, we will pro-rate the last invoice.

Your payment due date will be every 4 weeks, so the due date will change throughout your rental period.

SMS accepts all major credit cards. You can pay your invoice by authorizing us to charge your credit or debit card every 4 weeks. You can mail your payment to our corporate office at 902 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Or, you can make your payment on our web site.

Please call your sales representative or our corporate billing department at 866-811-4484.

The Damage Waiver Program is a program that offers protection from damage charge-backs such as graffiti, vandalism and burglary damage. The Damage Waiver Program covers the container only and not the contents. The Damage Waiver Program is not insurance. Customer responsibility limits vary from $100 to $1000.

An SMS driver will load the Container with a maximum 5 to 7 degree tilt, and slowly winch the container onto the trailer, or guide the trailer underneath the Container until it is picked up. When offloading the Container, one end of the Container will be placed on the ground at a maximum 5 to 7 degree tilt, and the truck will be driven out from Container until the entire unit is placed on the ground. Depending upon the surface, the SMS driver may choose to place wooden blocks underneath the Container.

Yes, however, access to your Container is limited to once a month with a 24 hour notice of your arrival. If you need to access your Container more than once a month, a handling charge of $50 per visit will be assessed. Availability hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm.

Although the Containers do have small side vents, they do get hot. Storage of standard household appliances, electronics and furniture will not be affected. SMS does not recommend the storage of food, vinyl records, candles, flammables or hazardous materials.

Yes. As long as your items are properly packaged or are wrapped with moving blankets, your antiques may be stored in a Container.

Yes, we generally have an inventory of available Containers for both rentals and sales.

Please check the information on our Residential Moving tab to determine what size Container will fit your needs.

Yes, but SMS recommends that you check with your property manager or HOA.

Some SMS locations have insulated Containers and/or climate controlled storage. Please check with your Sales Representative.

The cost will vary due to several determining factors; how far you are moving, what size Container you have, etc. Please contact your Sales Representative for pricing information.

Weight limits are 4,000 pounds for a 8’ x 10’ Container, 5,250 pounds for a 8’ x 15’ Container, 6,000 pounds for a 8’ x 20’ Container, and 6,250 for a 8’ x 24’ Container. The contents should be evenly spaced throughout the Container.

SMS recommends that large items of furniture and electronics be wrapped in moving blankets. All SMS locations rent moving blankets for a nominal fee.