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There’s an Office in my Shipping Container

Before jumping in and thinking how cool it is to make a shipping container an office, consider first the pros and cons of simply creating the structure.

First, a shipping container is a steel box manufactured to ship goods; it’s not an office cubicle. About 90 percent of all non-bulk cargo is transported in these containers aboard transport ships. Some of these ships are huge and can…

What Everybody Ought to Know About Mobile Storage

From time to time, we’ve all found ourselves with too much stuff and not enough room to store it. This can be a serious inconvenience, especially when downsizing from a large home or apartment to a smaller home, apartment or even a dorm room. Alot lot of the things you need to find room for are things you want to keep, just not ones you’re currently using or displaying. In the meantime, finding a…

What Modifications Can Be Made to Your Shipping Container?

When you’re modifying a shipping container for your business, you need flexibility in order to create a design that meets your needs efficiently and that is also cost effective. At Southwest Mobile Storage, our team of fabrication specialists can help you create a custom modified shipping container to meet your specifications at a cost you can afford.

Fabrication Possibilities

We maintain…

Military Container Applications

Southwest Mobile Storage, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1995, and has provided various departments of the US Military with an array of containerized custom designed structures to promote a cost-effective, environmentally green, sustainable solution to their needs. Our team of professionally licensed engineers, welders, electricians, etc., work with the customer to ensure optimal design…

Preparing for an Intrastate Move

Moving to another part of the state? Intrastate moves can present some unique challenges, but with a solid plan and some effective packing and storing solutions, you can overcome those challenges, making your move as smooth as possible.

Packing for Your Intrastate Move

Packing takes time and organization. Short-distance moves may tempt you to slack in the packing department, but don’t…

Smart Storage Tips for Seasonal Holiday Items

Holiday decorating brings smiles to many faces. The big autumn wreath, the twinkling Christmas lights, and the New Year’s Eve disco ball hold pride of place for their respective holidays, but once January rolls around, then what? Do you just shove all of those decorations in a closet and hope you’ll remember where they are? What about your snow shovel, snow mobile, and other winter equipment?

Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for storage or shipping containers, look no further than Southwest Mobile Storage! They have a variety of options to meet all your storage and shipping needs.

About Southwest Mobile Storage

Southwest Mobile Storage, based in Phoenix, Arizona, services areas across the United States with office locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, and South Carolina. They…