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Category: Packing

Keep it Simple Use Portable Storage Units for Moving

Keep it Simple Use Portable Storage Units for Moving
Moving can be a hassle, especially if you’re moving long distances. The cost of hiring movers or renting a truck and paying for gas mileage can also be expensive. Because of this, moving using mobile storage units has become more popular. Mobile storage units give you more time to load and unload, and you don’t have to move the contents of t…

Smart Storage Tips for Seasonal Holiday Items

Holiday decorating brings smiles to many faces. The big autumn wreath, the twinkling Christmas lights, and the New Year’s Eve disco ball hold pride of place for their respective holidays, but once January rolls around, then what? Do you just shove all of those decorations in a closet and hope you’ll remember where they are? What about your snow shovel, snow mobile, and other winter equipment?