Shipping Container Classrooms

Shipping  & Storage Container Classrooms for schools.                                       

Since 1995 we have been offered portable classrooms made from steel shipping containers. Our classrooms are both for sale and for rent. The main benefit of placing using a storage container classrooms on school property is to create more available space for students, teachers and other staff members. This increased space can create a better learning environment by preventing overcrowding and providing designated areas for study, other activities and storage. Call us at 1-800-686-9114 for a quick quote or fill out the form on our quick quote page.

Our custom designed shipping and storage container buildings act as classroom spaces themselves, making them a great way to extend a school’s student capacity without overcrowding classrooms or taking over communal areas like libraries, lunch rooms and gyms. These buildings can be placed near the main building as an annex for any grade level or subject. Some portable office designs also work well as classrooms; or they can free up areas that are designated as office areas within the main school building so that those areas become available for classroom purposes. Portable shipping containers can act as office and storage room combos or serve primarily as storage space, freeing up room in the main building or modular buildings for student use.