40 Ft. Commercial Industrial Steel Storage Containers for sale

Since 1995 we have offered customized and standard forty foot (4o’) commercial industrial steel storage containers and bins for sale, lease and rent. If you need on-site storage at a construction site, more warehousing space, or long term product storage, Southwest Mobile Storage is here to assist you. We have a variety of rental and purchase options to fit your needs with no hidden fees and a flexible delivery schedule. Whether you require last minute storage or a long-term permanent solution, SMS can deliver at a price that fits into your budget.




Call us at 1-800-686-9114 for a quick quote or fill out the form on our quick quote page. We service clients regionally in San Diego County, Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and Southern California via our Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles offices.

The locking system for our forty foot commercial storage containers is comprised of a standard lockbox and high security slide-bolt that accepts a 2.2 lb shackeless hockey-puck style lock. This combo provides a safe and secure environment for your storage needs, and ground level entry is ideal for easy and convenient access.

Visit our online gallery to see the diversity of door choices, lock box and slide bolt security items, windows and skylights, shelving, venting and interior wall finishes, all available through our extensive modification program. We also offer paint options and customized decaling to personalize your acquisition and make it something you will take pride in owning.

Flexibility and service is what our customers have come to expect. The diversity of storage solutions and portable office units we offer guarantees a suitable match for your business demands. Our licensed and certified fabricators can design any configuration to satisfy your needs.