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Market Your Business by Branding Your Portable Office


Find something unique about yourself or your business and exploit it to your benefit. Everybody has heard that one. But if for whatever reason you have found yourself in the position of using a portable shipping container as an office, why not use that as a unique selling position for your business brand?

In the last few years, shipping containers have gained a wide ranging acceptance as an alternative to traditional office and/or storage space. The reasons behind this are numerous. They’re portable. They’re roomy. They can be permanently outfitted for any office use. The options are limited only by the imaginations of those using them, but more recently, as differing uses have gained acceptance, users have chosen to capitalize on these by making them part of their brand.

As part of supplementary personnel, the portable office trend has taken off with “accountants in a can,” “security guards in a can,” “maintenance in a can,” “inventory in a can,” and other humorous but practical versions of branding. Even if a shipping container is going to sit as a storage medium, why not make it work to promote your company as well?

Even the structure lends itself to this with its large broadsides and other features that make the application of colors, logos, and even tag lines a snap. In some cases, even the tractor that places the portable office can bear the logo, colors, and other identifying symbology of your brand. And don’t forget the top of the container. Harvey McKay earned the reputation for his envelope company as being “The guys with their name on the top of their trucks.” If you are doing business in an area where there are tall buildings, why not do the same? It would serve as one more opportunity to instill your brand in the minds of your customers.

Even if you’re not working, but your storage containers are being used as part of a charity event, why not let participants know that your company provided the containers as part of the storage and/or office facilities? Doing something good for someone should not preclude you from getting some promotion out of it.

In this time of such stringent competition, business owners and managers need to find and take advantage of every opportunity they can to promote themselves and their businesses. And with such a unique product, branding your business as one that is available for “canning.” is yet another chance.

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