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Getting ready for your moving day can be as stress-free as planning ahead and packing your items safely and securely. The rest is up to us. Whether you are in the middle of a remodel, building a home, or are moving across town and/or country, our mobile storage and moving units make your residential moving job easy.

More durable than a fiberglass or wooden crate, our steel insulated storage containers can be brought to your home to be packed at your convenience, then we will either move it to the new site, or store it at one of our highly secure storage sites until you are finished building or remodeling your home. We drop it back off when you are ready for it, and then the rest is up to you! This article will give you some tips and guidelines for getting your treasured possessions safely and securely packed for either moving or storage.



First Things First

When planning and preparing for residential moving day, there are several things to be aware of for moving your items as safely as possible.

  • First, try to limit each carton to no more than 50 lbs to make lifting and handling easier. Make sure cartons are securely closed.
  • Wrap your items carefully with plenty of cushion to absorb bumps and to keep them rattle-free. We provide furniture blankets.
  • Packing your items securely will mean that that boxes do not bulge outward nor bend inward.
  • As much as possible, try not to mix up different rooms in the same carton.

Residential Moving Tips and Guidelines

  • Pack items that you use the least. Keep the most frequently used items out until moving day.
  • Pack similar items in the same box. For example, for obvious reasons, don’t pack your teacups with your iron skillets!
  • Wind up any thing with dangling cords, such as electrical appliances, to keep them untangled with other items.
  • Keep items with multiple parts together. For instance, place the hardware from your drapery rods into plastic bags, and tape or tie them to the rods themselves.
  • Wrap glass and fragile items, such as dishes, in newspaper or soft cloths, towels, and rags. For boxes with glass items in them, make sure you have plenty of cushion on the bottom of the box. Make sure you put heavier items on the bottom of each box.
  • While you don’t want your boxes overloaded, make sure they are packed full and securely, without  room to rattle and bang around.
  • Label each box carefully, and if fragile, mark it so. You may also want to keep an inventory log and number your boxes.

Hopefully these tips will make your residential moving day more simple and stress-free. Give us a call about our different sized containers available and our courteous sales staff will be able to answer all of your questions about getting your possessions safely moved. Ready…set…Move!

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