Portable Data Center Storage Containers

Since 1995 we have offered customized portable data centers made from steel shipping and storage containers for sale or rent. We have a variety of rental and purchase options to fit your needs with no hidden fees and a flexible delivery schedule. Call us at 1-800-686-9114 for a quick quote or fill out the form on our quick quote page.




Call us at 1-800-686-9114 for a quick quote or fill out the form on our quick quote page. We service clients regionally in San Diego County, Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and Southern California via our Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles offices.

For years we’ve been on the cutting edge of modifying steel shipping containers into high-end mobile data centers for businesses in need of additional space to house IT computer equipment at the required cooling levels. The big boys (IBM, Google, HP, etc.) have recently realized the utility and benefits of a portable data center as they too have rolled out their own versions out of shipping containers that can be delivered and placed anywhere, as opposed to the construction costs associated with building an additional room.

We have teams of in-house, licensed and certified fabricators, engineers, welders, etc., with the expertise to build these high quality units for less cost than the Googles of the world. As your business grows along with your need for additional IT space, look to Southwest to design and custom-build your portable data center suited for your needs at a cost that won’t cause your employees to take a pay cut!