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The Top 10 Construction Companies To Follow In 2013


Sundt Construction gets Social Media and is doing it right! This construction company is very active on both Twitter and Facebook, sharing pictures of their projects, employees, events along with highlighting employees and sharing their awards. We also always love when they share some inspiration quotes.



McCarthy Building Companies is in multiple cities and connects through Social Media. This company is very active on Twitter and Facebook so follow them to see their projects . They do a great job at sharing what’s going on in and outside of the company, showing pictures of employees, events they are a part of and sharing fun videos such as their Togo Harlem Shake Party!



Murray Lampert Construct in based in San Diego and centers around Home Construction. They are using Social Media efficiently. Follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter where they post and tweet often! They show pictures of their beautiful work along with FAQs, Tips, Events that they put on or are a part of! They even share giveaways!



PCL Construction is in multiple cities and is very active on Twitter and Facebook! Follow this company along to see their great work along with career opportunities, awards received such as the Green Top 30 List for being environmentally conscious! Love how they share their participation in the communities, for example recently helping raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation by participating on the Corporate Challenge Big Bike.



Kiewit Construction is on Twitter and Facebook, about to reach 6,000 likes on Facebook and ranking on the Top Fortune 500 List! Follow along to their company to see their projects, awards received, and job opportunities available!



DPR Construction is actively on Twitter and Facebook sharing exciting/breaking news about their business. Follow along to see awesome pictures of projects and employees, giving back to foundations like Improving Chandler Arizona Neighborhoods, info on their projects, tips on going green among others!



Milender White Construction is on a roll with Social Media this year, with a few hundred followers/fans we can definitely see that growing this year on Twitter and Facebook. They tweet quite often about job openings, new hires, being a part of event and tweeting pictures at these events.



Achen – Gardner Construction is posting on Twitter and Facebook actively. This construction company is very visual posting lots of pictures of projects, events they are a part of along with holiday parties. Great balance between their project work and outside of work such as tournaments.



Hochuli Construction is on Twitter and Facebook and doing a great job sharing their work! They do beautiful work and show that through social by posting pictures of the beautiful home they build and renovate! Check out sneak peeks of the beginning of projects and then the finished project!



Chasse Building Team stays active on Twitter and Facebook this year so far and love to see them keep it up! Great job at showing their projects, articles showcasing their work, employees at events and on the job. You get to see a sneak peek inside Chasse Building Team as they share holiday pictures as well! Keep it up!



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