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Things to Consider Before Using a Shipping Container for a Project

If you are in the process of starting a new green construction project, it may be tempting to use sustainable retired shipping containers. In the past, these retired containers would become a storage container, but now with new innovative techniques being used in the construction world, using the containers as part of a construction project is becoming a trend. Before you decide to take this approach with your green project, make sure that do all of the necessary research. Here are some major factors to consider ensuring you make the right decision from the start.

5 Factors to Consider Before you Plan a Shipping Container Project

* The Geographic Location

One of the first factors to consider is where you will be building. Obviously, steel shipping containers are large and bulky. While they are designed to be transported by trucks, railways and ship, you will incur added costs for transportation, shipping and handling the containers once they arrive onsite. If your project is located close to a port city, or you have transportation capable of moving the containers, you can significantly reduce the expenses you will take on by using shipping containers.

* Climate

One of the great things about shipping containers is that they are very strong and durable. Because they were previously used in long distance and international shipping, the containers must be designed to resist sea water and rock salt. If you are building in areas that are prone to harsh winters and hot summers, you must consider the climate in the area as you plan the project.
* Paint Jobs

Steel shipping containers may be tough, but they are not completely invincible. The only true natural predator to quality shipping containers is rust. Because of this, you must use products that will keep the materials from rusting in moist seasons. Make sure you do not cut corners on the products you use during the construction phase.

* Being True to Construction

Some builders will use shipping containers for a project, and cover the containers with other building materials. If you want to show off all of your efforts, show the building for what it is and avoid covering the exterior with materials.
* Consider the Reduced Cost of Labor

When you are budgeting for your project, you must consider all of the expenses that you will take on to purchase, transport and deliver the primary materials used in the project. While the containers themselves may cost more than other building materials, they can take a lot of the work out of what would have been a very labor-intensive project. The money you save in labor by building a traditional brick and mortar building will make up for the money you spend in purchasing shipping containers. These applications will only require simple modifications and very little labor to use in construction. Balance out your budget by adjusting the normal labor expenses, and then determine if this is an economical choice.

Shipping containers may be the perfect material for your next light construction project, especially if you are trying to build a green structure. Be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using shipping containers, and plan the project in detail before you take it on.

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