10 Restaurants Made from Shipping Containers

Restaurants made from shipping containers are becoming new and fresh designs, reinventing the way people look and use shipping containers. While dining out is mostly about the food experience, diners also enjoy the atmosphere that a restaurant brings to the table, especially if done in an exciting and unique way.

Here are 10 restaurants made from shipping containers that will entice your taste buds.

10 Restaurants Made from Shipping Containers

1. DK Puerto Morelos — Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Opening in 2015, DK Puerto Morelos is a unique restaurant for the fact that it serves mostly lionfish. Lionfish is a prominent fish in the Riviera Maya region where the restaurant is located and the menu reflects it, with lionfish tacos, lionfish burgers, and a Thai lionfish dish.

DK Puerto Morelos

Set up as a traditional taco stand inside of a green shipping container, DK has seating in the front with tables and umbrellas.

2. SnackBox — Times Square, New York

Serving New York’s best hot dogs, the SnackBox sits near the heart of Times Square. The kiosk is made from a recycled shipping container and won numerous awards for not only its unique design, but for its innovative approach to food service delivery.


3. El Rey Taqueria & Mexican Beer Garden — Washington DC

El Rey Taqueria and Mexican Beer Garden is an incredibly unique restaurant. The bar boasts a year-round beer garden with a retractable, transparent roof that can be pulled back when the weather permits.

El Rey Taqueria & Mexican Beer Garden

Made from 11 shipping containers, the 3600 square foot restaurant is actually the fourth shipping container restaurant from brothers Eric and Ian Hilton, who created three previous eateries with shipping container architectures.

4. Market 707 — Toronto, Canada

Market 707 is another unique restaurant on this list because it’s not just one restaurant. Market 707 is a local food court in Toronto, an idea that was cultivated after staff from the Scadding Court saw the innovative uses of shipping containers in Ghana.

The space brings together local entrepreneurs, more than 10 types of international street food, and unique retail shops to create a unique environment for the community.

Market 707

5. Les Grandes Tables — Seguin Islands, Paris, France

Made out of reused shipping containers, the Les Grandes Tables is the literal breath of fresh air for diners in Paris. A glass frame surrounds the 1000 square foot structure which also contains an agricultural green house and serves as a major venue for weddings, parties, meetings, and more.

Les Grandes Tables

The former home for French car maker Renault, the islands had been abandoned for nearly twenty years before Jean Nouvel Architects set out to reinvent the structure and the island.

6. Wahaca — London, UK

Wahaca Southbank

Eight recycled shipping containers arranged on two overhanging levels make up Wahaca Southbank in London’s Southbank Center. Serving up award winning Mexican street food, the restaurant is just one location based in the UK’s first carbon neutral restaurant group.

7. Subway — Freedom Tower, New York

Subway is a common sight for many people as they go about their busy days, but the Subway that’s situated in the Freedom Tower is a definite sight to see. Created out of nine reused shipping containers, this Subway is supported hydraulically and was originally constructed for the workers as they built the tower.

Subway Freedom Tower

The containers sport the familiar Subway green and has an eating area, refrigerated section, and every food item that the sandwich maker carries.

8. The Container Restaurant — Durango, Colorado

Located next door to the Ska Brewing company in Durango, the Container is made from two shipping containers, giving the restaurant the ability to expand its food services.

The restaurant is situated in the beer garden, giving diners a view of the outside brewery.

The Container Restaurant

9. Café Frobe — Linz, Austria

Frobe is distinct in its simplicity.

Made from a 20 foot shipping container, Frobe was slightly modified in order to get the permit to be located on the public plaza between two Austrian museums. The whole thing is painted gold and could be mistaken for a piece of art if you just walked past it.

Cafe Frobe

Inside, there is a long bar that’s outfitted with beer taps, a back counter, cooler, and small sink to wash glasses. The opening to the bar is fitted with a hydraulic system, so with a push of a button, the side opens to reveal the red interior.

10. Beitang Container Restaurant Project — Tianjin, China

Like Market 707, the Beitang Container Restaurant Project is more food court than actual restaurant, as all of the restaurants are located within repurposed shipping containers.

Beitang Container Restaurant Project

Some of the restaurants are large, making use of ample seating, while some are small and use smaller sized containers. Similar to DK, many of the containers have not been modified or painted, showcasing the architecture of the shipping container.

In this article, we looked at 10 restaurants made from shipping containers, showing off the uniqueness and creativity in design along with the provided food that each restaurant is known for.

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And don’t forget to comment, especially if you’ve visited any of these great restaurants.

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