15 More Shipping Container Restaurants

The popularity of shipping container restaurants continues to grow, with creative and unique dining experiences for customers.

We discussed the reinvention of the traditional restaurant in a previous blog, highlighting 10 incredible shipping container restaurants.

In this article, we’ll look at 15 more shipping container restaurants.

15 More Shipping Container Restaurants


1. MuvBox – Montreal, Canada

Painted bright red and located on Montreal’s Old Port, MuvBox is a bustling, solar powered restaurant by day and an ordinary looking shipping container at night.

MuvBox Shipping Container Restaurant

The mobile diner features everything from lobster to pizza to old fashioned canteen food.

Sadly, Muvbox made an announcement in May via their Facebook page that they would not be reopening.


2. Singapore Takeout – various locations

An idea from International Enterprise, Singapore Takeout is an inventive idea for mobile takeout.

Singapore Takeout

The shipping container restaurant is full service, with all the necessary kitchen equipment placed within a mobile shipping container.

The intention of Singapore Takeout is to travel to nine cities across the globe, providing authentic Singapore food to the world.


3. Till the Cows Come Home – Berlin Mitte, Germany

Till the Cows Come Home is a vegetarian slow food and detox food restaurant in Berlin.

Built into a 40 foot long shipping container, a five-meter long window shows a mural of grazing cows in the alpine pasture. Hence the name!

Till The Cows Come Home Vegetarian Berlin

The menu is always changing, as it’s based on the seasons and nature. Even the packaging promotes health and sustainability.


4. The Movement Café – London, UK

As part of the 2012 Summer Olympics, property developers The Cathedral Group wanted to use the corner of a vacant site a new venue.

Construction of this little pop-up only took 16 days to build and offered organic, fair-trade, and locally-sourced food and drink.

Movement Cafe London

It was run by the non-profit group, Greenwich Co-Operative Development, which helps disadvantaged communities across London.

As with most pop-up shops, The Movement Café shipping container restaurant was only temporary and closed in December of 2012.


5. Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill – Miami, Florida

North of downtown Miami, the Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill is nestled within popular Wynwood Yard. It is the only venue built from modified shipping containers.

Back in 2017, popular and veteran player in the city’s restaurant and catering industry Ken Lyon began work on the Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill.

charcoal garden bar grill

The menu for the bar & grill consists of charcoal-grilled and locally harvested food, from American cheeses, seafood, and meats. Many of their herbs and produce is grown out back.


6. Federalist Public House – Sacramento, CA

Located in the heart of midtown Sacramento, Federalist Public House is a premiere beer garden and pizzeria.

Federalist is known for their Lodi red wines, California craft beers, and signature pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven. The restaurant was made from 7 shipping containers.

FederalistIMG 8018


7. Mozza & Co – Paris, France

Mozza & Co is a unique restaurant for many reasons.

The restaurant celebrates the flavors of Italy, centered on the popular ingredient of mozzarella cheese. But the menu isn’t the only thing that’s intriguing.


The Banks of the Seine location is completely built from a repurposed shipping container, while their food trucks travel to meet hungry customers.

There’s also a permanent storefront off the Rue du Faubourg Poissonníère. Mozza & Co also uses carts and delivery service.


8. Del Popolo Pizza Truck – San Francisco/Bay Area, CA

Jon Darsky had one goal in mind – bring Neapolitan-inspired pizza to the masses.

This idea resulted in a transatlantic moving shipping container pizza place. And that was how the Del Popolo Pizza Truck began.

Del Popolo Pizza Truck

Meaning “of the people”, Darsky mounted a 20-foot shipping container to the back of a Freightliner M2 truck that features a 5,000 pound wood-fired brick oven.

Del Popolo is perfect, moving example of a themed pop up shop, where fans and potential diners need to find the shipping container restaurants’ next location via their Twitter account or website.


9. Suppenküche Biergarten – Hayes Valley San Francisco, CA

The first Suppenküche was one of the first restaurants to open in the Hayes Valley dining and shopping scene in the early 1990s.

Years later, in 2011, the Suppenküche Biergarten opened to become San Francisco’s first open air beer garden.

biergarten beer container

Suppenküche Biergarten was designed by the San Francisco firm Envelope A + D, which uses repurposed shipping containers for pop up shops and shipping container restaurants.

The menu is styled after Bavarian inspired dishes and six rotating draft beers. The beer garden is open year round, giving out vintage German military blankets for patrons during the winter.


10. The Churchill – Phoenix, AZ

The Churchill Phoenix - Shipping Container Restaurants

Located in the popular vicinity of downtown Phoenix, The Churchill is a unique fixture that attracts nearby Arizona State University students and those old enough to be their parents or grandparents.

The Churchill doesn’t just bring together the city’s diverse population, but the philanthropic business plan is unique for those residing in the repurposed shipping container restaurants and businesses.

All 10 businesses that are housed there are required to pay both marketing rent and social rent.

Marketing rent requires each business to cross-promote with another tenant on social media, while the social rent asks tenants to pledge four hours of community service to their choice of charity.


11. Detroit Shipping Company – Detroit, MI

The idea for Detroit Shipping Company started in 2015, but the construction of the two-story, 21 stacked shipping container structure until much later in the year.

Shipping Container Restaurants - Detroit Shipping Co

The entire food court features five restaurants and two bars, that are housed on both the first and second floors.

Detroit Shipping Company also offers a print shop, a studio for one of the local podcast shows, comedy shows, and even a stage for live music.


12. Mersea – San Francisco, CA

Treasure Island is a small artificial landmass in the San Francisco Bay.

Originally designed to host the 1939 World’s Fair, Treasure Island has since gone through a resurgence with the development of a new community.

about horiz gallery outside dining

In this community is Mersea, a dining destination in the heart of TI and the connecting Yerba Buena Island. Like others on this list, it’s made entirely from shipping containers.

It’s able to sit 60 people inside and its U-shaped outside design allows diners to view the bay. The idea came from executive chef Parke Ulrich and MeeSun Boice.


13. Bin 702 – Las Vegas, NV

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas, take a moment to head downtown to the city’s popular Downtown Container Park or DCP.

Shipping Container Restaurants - Bin702

The entertainment complex was built using 43 repurposed shipping containers 41 manufactured Xtreme cubes. And within this complex, is Bin 702.

One of the original bars in the DCP, Bin 702 itself is made from two shipping containers. They have been voted as ‘best happy hour’ in the entire park.


14. Flyin’ Moose – Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

flyin moose

It took only 14 months for brothers Mark and Jerry Wu to set up their edgy, industrial space called Flyin’ Moose.

Made with 7 shipping containers, the restaurant is two stories, with indoor and outdoor eating areas and a patio pond.

Flyin’ Moose has since turned into a hot spot for affordable drinks and farm to table food options. The restaurant serves a mix of fusion, Western style food, like truffle fried rice and mullet roe linguine.


15. Aprisa Mexican Cuisine – Portland, OR

Aprisa Mexican Cuisine Shipping Container Restaurants

Located out of the way in Portland, OR, the Aprisa Mexican Cuisine is an interesting place.

Housed in a recycled shipping container, Aprisa is walk-up or drive-thru. This makes the ability for diners to get their food quickly, as there is not dine-in service.

Aprisa is authentic, but also healthy options that covers Mexican food lovers.

In this article, we looked at 15 more restaurants made from shipping containers, with different flavors from all over the world.

At the time of this writing, the coronavirus was still ongoing, so some of these restaurants may be closed or only offering limited service.

Shipping containers are extremely versatile, leading to innovative and exclusive structures. You can use them for hotels, schools, pop-up shops, and yes, even restaurants.

If you’re looking to use shipping containers for your business or construction project, contact one of our experts today at 800.686.9119 or fill out the form below.


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