3 More Shipping Container Hospitals

Thanks to the global pandemic of 2020, the need for shipping container hospitals became a crucial component in helping the increase of patients.

Bed Resources During COVID-19

But why shipping containers and what have these container hospitals done to help the hospitals that need them?

We previously looked at 5 hospitals that had been made from shipping containers, but those were just a few that have been used for disaster relief.

In this blog, we’ll look at 3 more shipping container hospitals and how they’re supporting their communities and cities.

3 More Shipping Container Hospitals


1. Fero International/University Health Network – Toronto, Canada

In October, Fero International CEO Sabrina Fiorellino was motivated to try and ease the burden on the country’s healthcare system due to the virus.

Fiorellino’s siblings are front-line workers, while her mother is a transplant recipient, putting them in danger should they contract the virus.

“My grandfather also passed during the first wave,” she said in an interview with Global News. “Not from COVID, but was in the hospital and I couldn’t visit him.”

This was a familiar scene for many who tried to visit family or friends, some – like Fiorellino – unable to see their relatives.

When the transplant program of the hospital closed down, Fero International commissioned medical container units.

3 More Container Hospitals - Fero & UHN

The units were made using two large shipping containers and sectioned into five rooms:

  • ICU
  • Operating room
  • Two anterooms
  • Nurses’ station

Each unit was created to be flexible and able to treat the needs of different patients.

For example, a patient with the coronavirus or other infectious disease can create negative air pressure that helps to stop the spread.

Fero International Inc specializes in disaster relief solutions


2. Northeast Georgia Medical Center – Gainesville, GA

Part of the Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) in Gainesville, Northeast Georgia Medical Center is the flagship for NGHS.

During the month of July and following, the medical center saw an increase in COVID-19 patients, which added to their capacity levels.

3 More Container Hospitals - Northeast Georgia Medical Center

At the same time, the medical center began the construction of a mobile unit that could help accommodate incoming patients.

Made using 44 shipping containers, the hospital addition now allows for 20 extra rooms that can be devoted to treating patients with COVID.

The video below shows a walkthrough of the pod:


3. Phoebe Putney Memorial North Hospital – Albany, GA

Northeast Georgia Medical Center isn’t the only hospital in the state of Georgia that has opted to use shipping containers for additional capacity.

Phoebe Putney Memorial North, partnership with manufacturer BMarko Structures and CertainTeed, also created an extension in their parking lot.

3 More Container Hospitals - Phoebe Putney Medical Hospital

As with NGMC, Phoebe Putney was constructed in order to provide the hospital with 24 additional rooms to treat patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Another Georgia hospital, this one in Macon, will also be using shipping containers in order to help ease the influx of patients both current and future cases.

How Hospitals are Using Containers


As we mentioned, the corona virus affected many business industries, including healthcare.

Additional rooms and ICUs aren’t the only ways hospitals are using these ISO steel containers. Labs and other testing facilities have also been made from containers.

Emergency mobile offices are used during relief efforts, such as during natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes.

But hospitals aren’t the only things that shipping containers can be used for.

Conex boxes have been evolving from their original use for some time now. This is due to their ability to be customized and modified.

In this article, we looked at 3 more shipping container hospitals and medical wards.

It’s still too early to tell how the newly released vaccine will help to curb the spread of the corona virus, however the current need for hospital space is still in demand.

If you’re a hospital or medical facility that is looking to use shipping containers or you’re a business that needs a container for a project, contact us!

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