4 Best Customized Storage Solutions in Phoenix

Are you looking for customized storage solutions in Phoenix?

In the last few years, modified shipping containers have grown in popularity thanks to their mobility. These shipping containers can be a great alternative to traditional buildings, thanks to their low-cost and easy customization.

Businesses, schools, hospitals, and even governments are using these modified shipping containers to create or expand their own structures or to provide additional locations.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 of the best customized storage solutions in Phoenix.

4 Best Customized Storage Solutions in Phoenix

1. Southwest Mobile Storage

Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned company that focuses on affordability, quality, and service since 1995. Based in Phoenix, Southwest Mobile Storage operates its own 60,000 square foot fabrication department on-site, which allows them the ability to offer unlimited customization options for their shipping containers.

Customized Storage Solution in Phoenix from Southwest Mobile Storage

Not only does the company create new containers, but they also refurbish containers. Both are available in several offered sizes, from 10 feet to 45-foot container.

Modified containers from Southwest Mobile Storage have been used for a variety of projects, such as offices, concession stands, labs, classrooms, and more.

2. Conex Boxes

Conex Boxes serves much of the US, with 29 locations nationwide. Greater Phoenix and Tucson are some of their more popular city in Arizona.

Conex Boxes offers a variety of storage containers, including insulated, open top, sea, steel, and refrigerated containers. Their steel storage containers go from their smallest of 10 feet to their largest at 53 feet.

Customization options for their shipping containers include custom paint jobs, security locks, and reinforced doors and windows. For interior customization, options include shelving, flooring, insulation, and ventilation.

3. AZ Containers

Opening in 2002, AZ Containers is a locally owned and operated business, servicing both the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas. The company offers the ability to rent or purchase new, used, and office storage containers.

AZ Container option

AZ Containers offers several sizes of shipping containers, starting at 10 feet and going up to the standard 40 square foot size. Only the 20-foot shipping containers are offered for their office units.

Az Containers storage containers are made of 14-gauge, corrugated steel which are air and watertight. They also offer different types of modifications for their shipping containers, from AC brackets to lockboxes and shelving.

4. Pac-Van

Founded in Columbus, Ohio, Pac-Van has a presence across the US, with 50 offices in both the US and Canada.

Modifications with Pac-Van shipping containers can be done at many of their offices by adding roll-up doors, ventilation, overhead lighting, electrical, and more. Pac-Van almost makes custom modular buildings and like Southwest Mobile Storage, has also been used for classroom, office, construction, and other custom projects.

Which Customized Storage Solution in Phoenix is Right?

When it comes to customized storage solutions in Phoenix, these are just four of the best customized storage solutions in Phoenix, but depending on your area, there may be others. Your situation will depend on which of these is the best option for you.

While all four offer the ability to customize and modify a shipping container to your specifications, only AZ Containers and Southwest Mobile Storage have full customization options available. The size of the container is also an important factor, which depends on the project.

Conex Boxes offer the largest of containers at 53 feet, but that might be too big for most projects, business or residential.

In this article, we looked at 4 best customized storage solutions in Phoenix and the types of modifications those services allow. Now that you have some idea of the modifications that can be done on your storage container, it should help to narrow your selection.

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