4 Container Pop Up Shops

Have you been to one of these 4 container pop up shops?

Over the years, traditional brick and mortar shopping has given way to online markets and e-commerce businesses.

The ongoing pandemic caused by the 2020 corona virus affected all industries, especially retail.

Several popular department stores and brand name stores either closed locations or shut down for good.

Clothing on Sale in a Retail Store
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

However, during this period the rise of the simple pop up shop have given retailers another layer of exposure and business.

In this blog, we’ll look at how pop up shops are helping the retail industry with these 4 container pop up shops.

4 Container Pop Up Shops


Before we look at 4 popular shipping container pop up shops, let’s look at what a pop up shop is.

A pop up shop is a simply a temporary storefront.

In most cases, these temporary stores are only for a limited amount of time, usually a few hours or a few days.

However, there have been many cases where a pop up shop has continued operating, thanks to customer attendance.

As mentioned, the corona virus had a devastating effect on many businesses during 2020, especially during the holiday season.

Because they can be easily set up and moved it needed, pop up shops that have been made with shipping containers have been extremely popular.

These types of shops have been essential for those working on the front lines, especially in healthcare and front facing positions.

Let’s look at some examples.


Re:START/Container Mall – Christchurch Central City, New Zealand

Created in response to the devasting 2011 earthquake, the Re:START Container Mall replaced the popular City Mall, which had been destroyed.

Re:START Container Pop Up Shop Mall in New Zealand

The container mall began with 27 shops, which had about a 6 month lease, and finally reopened in October of 2011.

In 2014, plans to close Re:START were put on hold after the public of Central City petitioned to keep it open.

The mall was then moved to another location on another lot, which took 10 days to move, allowing the mall to reopen later that year.

Unfortunately, after six years, the Re:START Container Mall closed for good in 2018.


Adidas – International Locations

Adidas was founded in 1924, becoming the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world after Nike.

The popularity of the popular sneaker is thanks in part to some of the company’s marketing.

Adidas sponsors and partners with several sporting events, including PGA tournaments, NBA, and MLB games and championships.

One of the ways the company does this, while increasing their brand image, is by using pop up shops.

Adidas Pop-Up Shop Cargotecture

Adidas will routinely create these temporary container shops, usually built in the image of their iconic shoebox.

They have done pop up shops during the Boston Marathon and celebrating the success of the University of Miami Hurricanes’ football team.

They also use container pop up shops to promote their new shoe designs, like Adidas Originals in 2013 and their Adidas Factory 55 in 2018.


Quartyard – Downtown San Diego, California

Located in the East Village of downtown San Diego, Quartyard is a unique pop up as it is marketed as a year-round meeting venture.

Quartyard is made from 10 shipping containers which can then be moved from location to location. It began on a vacant lot in 2015.

Quartyard Container Pop Up Shop Eatery

3 years later, ‘everyone’s backyard’ was moved to another lot after the original was sold for development.

Like Re:START, the community found it to be a great place to meet, get a few drinks and food, and to walk their dogs.

The popularity of Quartyard has helped it maintain its presence in the East Village neighborhood and helps showcase many of the community’s local artists.

Learn more about Quartyard in our container spotlight.


The Bell Hotel from Taco Bell – Palm Springs, California

What if you could stay in a hotel that would serve the best of your favorite fast-food restaurant?

That’s exactly what Taco Bell counted on when they came up with their idea of the Bell Hotel.

A hotel and resort that serves every item and new specialty items offered from Taco Bell, as well as purchasing merchandise.

Resort guests were treated to specialty drinks at happy hour, morning yoga, drive-in movies, concerts, and more.

The video below shows a walk through during its premiere in 2019:

Plans to reopen the hotel were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a fast-food themed restaurant isn’t for you or you live outside of the US, you can book a room at Sleeping Around.

Another pop up hotel, Sleeping Around is made from 20 ft’ recycled shipping containers, which represent a suite.

The hotel travels through Belgium, New Zealand, and the UK.

More Shipping Container Pop Up Shops


These are just four examples of container pop up shops, but it doesn’t end there.

Shipping containers have been used for more than just transport for several years, but they have recently begun a resurgence as other things.

As noted with Re:START, shipping containers have been used for shopping malls and entertainment areas, including:

As the world reestablishes itself after the global pandemic, shipping containers can help to reduce business closures.

They can also help to provide extra space and room for healthcare facilities.

In this blog, we looked at 4 container pop up shops and how they might be able to help not just the retail industry but others as well.

And pop up shops are just some of the options where you can use shipping containers!

Using containers help to reduce the cost of either renting or building with traditional materials. They are also beneficial for others where construction just can’t be done.

And if your business wants to become a green company, with more sustainable features, shipping containers are eco-friendly!

If you’re interested in using a shipping container for your pop up shop, business project, or other purpose, give us a call!

We are experts in ISO steel containers and have been for over twenty-five years!

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