4 Industries That Should Use Shipping Containers

Which business industries should use shipping containers?

Shipping containers are experiencing a growth in popularity, thanks to the increasing focus on low-cost building materials and environmental concerns.

While the construction industry is most often associated with using shipping storage containers, there are plenty of industries that can also benefit from their use.

In this blog, we’ll look at 4 business industries that should use shipping containers.

4 Industries that Should Use Shipping Containers


Before we look at industries that should use shipping containers, let’s look at some reasons shipping containers work so well.

First, shipping containers are durable.

Made from a 14-gauge corrugated steel called CorTen, shipping containers have been built for long travels across sea.

Industries That Should Use Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are also portable, which make them perfect for areas that can’t use traditional construction equipment or building materials.

These are just a few benefits to using containers, but we’ll look at how their use can benefit the industries on our list.


1. Government

Government buildings, both local and federal, can sometimes be used to store highly sensitive documents.

Older documents might still be in paper form, though many others have been converted into digital formats.

While you may think that these documents are governmental secrets and plans or even personal information, there’s more to it.

For instance, the US National Archives and Records Administration list current missing or stolen historic government documents.

Government Document
Photo by Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash

These include historical letters from George Washington, John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln, but sound recordings and mission maps.

Some of these items, such as soldier dog tags, have personal significance not only to American military history, but to the families of those soldiers.

Using shipping containers, not only can government facilities protect documents from theft, but from national disasters as well.

National disasters, such as earthquakes and fires, can do a large amount of damage to buildings, often times destroying crucial and important documents and records.

Government buildings aren’t the only law agencies that can benefit from shipping containers.

Industries, like fire fighting and emergency personnel, can use ISO containers in their line of work too.

Our sister company, Fire Training Structures, is a perfect example. They create and manufacture fire training facilities for fire departments.

These facilities are customized to help fire departments train personnel through fire situations.

Fire Training Structures for Firefighters

Structures can be stationary or portable and the layouts can be changed to fit any type of fire situation.


2. Automotive

The auto industry has used shipping containers to transport cars or trucks. Depending on the size of the container, more than one car can be shipped.

But shipping cars isn’t the only way this industry can use containers.

We’ve previously highlighted the growing trend of pop up shops, temporary store fronts that are limited in their time frame for customers.

The auto industry can use ISO containers as showrooms for not only new cars, but classic and vintage cars.

Another area that automotive can use Conex boxes is for auto racing.

The Hoonigan Racing Division Headquarters, for instance, is a rally racing team that has made their entire headquarters out of shipping containers.

Workshop at Hoonigan Racing Division


3. Agriculture

Shipping storage containers have been useful for many businesses, giving them the ability to gain extra storage for inventory or equipment.

One field that should be using storage containers is agriculture.

Farming equipment, such as tractors, feed, and even grains can be stored in shipping containers, allowing farmers more storage on their farms.

But just as pop up shops are growing for businesses, so is the ideal of indoor farms or vertical farms.

Vertical farms grow crops and produce in vertical stacked layers using controlled environment agriculture or CEA that helps to optimize growth.

Many vertical farms are set up in containers, known as container farming.

Our other sister company, Pure Greens, manufactures container farms for both businesses and individuals.

This systems not only allows for faster growth but eliminates some of the main concerns with traditional farming, such as water consumption and harmful chemicals.

Agriculture - Industries That Should Use Shipping Containers
Vertical Container Farm from Pure Greens


4. Manufacturing

So far, we’ve looked at the auto, government, and agricultural industries as businesses that can use shipping containers.

A surprising industry that could benefit from storage containers is manufacturing.

Lack of storage is a big challenge for manufacturing and its subsidiaries has been ongoing and has grown harder due to the current global pandemic.

Manufacturing - Industries That Should Use Shipping Containers
Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

Manufacturing, especially industrial operations, requires solid and resilient storage capacity to hold equipment and supplies.

This can be problematic, when considering hazardous materials and heavy equipment.

A major challenge for all these industries is budgetary costs associated with purchasing additional building space.

For example, fire departments may not have the budget to rent out a building for their training.

And considering that they will need to set the building on fire adds up the cost.

Using shipping containers, however, are low-cost alternatives that can not only handle tough weather conditions, such as fires.

They can also be customized to match an industry’s requirements and specifications, like with agriculture or auto.

Lastly, due to the many sizing options, storage containers are great for any industry that needs to expand their space.

In this blog we looked at 4 industries that should use shipping containers for their agencies.

These are just four examples, but there are other businesses who have discovered the benefits of using containers.

Southwest Mobile Storage has been helping and supporting our customers with their shipping container projects.

We have several decades of experience and operate our own fabrication center locally, creating unlimited customizations and modifications.

If you’re one of these industries or a business that needs customized storage container solutions, contact us today at 800.686.9114 or fill out the contact form below.


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