4 Schools Made from Shipping Containers

Education is an important aspect for everyone, but sometimes people may not have access to it.

Often educational facilities or buildings might be too far away or in an inaccessible area.

Sometimes the building isn’t adequate for the size of the student body.

This is where schools made from shipping containers comes in.

Around the world, educators have found ways to ensure that their students are able to continue learning, regardless of their location or situation.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 schools made from shipping containers and their impact.

4 Schools Made from Shipping Containers


Why would you consider a school made from shipping containers?

According to the United Nations in 2019, more than 260 million children did not go to school due to conflict-affected areas, lack of teachers, poor sanitation facilities and more.

Schools made from shipping containers have the ability to be customized, which allows for additional rooms or flooring to accommodate extra students.

And because they are also mobile, container schools can be placed in a variety of different locations and areas, as we’ll get into below.


1. The Signal School – Mumbai

In the middle of an intersection in Mumbai, India is a single container that is set up to help educate the many street children who beg or sell trinkets to the street traffic.

The children and families that live in this area are below the poverty line or run small businesses to get by. These families often hail from areas that are prone to droughts and are struggling to integrate into their new home.

Hoping to help, the Thane Municipal Corporation sought to create a learning environment to provide an avenue of support.

The school itself is made from a single shipping container, divided into a few classrooms.

Education isn’t the only thing the school teaches.

Students learn yoga, karate, singing and more.

The Thane Municipal Corporation hopes to expand this school to other communities that are in the same state across the country.


2. Safeducate – Binola, Haryana

Safeducate Container Schools are a project started by Divya Jain in 2015 and provide skill training to those in the logistics and supply chain sector in India.

Using repurposed containers, Safeducate has created 20 container schools in various Indian state locations, such as

  • Binola
  • Ambala
  • Chhapra
  • Amritsar

Within these container schools, students are provided training for:

  • Office assistant
  • Consignment book assistant
  • Documentation assistant
  • Warehouse operator
  • Retail sales associate

The company hopes to expand to 20 more locations.


3. TEARS High School – Dominican Republic

In 2017, the Dominican Republic based charity TEARS approached Hebner Innovative Solutions, or HIS, for help in constructing a high school for incoming students by December.

The school itself is made up of 22 shipping containers, with three floors, and a large 300 square meter sports hall in the center.

The sports hall doubles as an event hall and a ventilation tower to offset the country’s hot temperatures.

Completed in a little over two weeks, the school was able to provide 10 classrooms that could hold between 30 and 40 students.

And because the school is made from shipping containers, it means the high school has the capacity to expand.

The Dominican Republic isn’t the only area where HIS has developed schools. Since 2012, HIS has helped a number of charities provide adequate homes, schools, orphanages, and other community buildings.


4. Montessori La Milpa – Ensenada, Mexico

Montessori La Milpa is a subsidiary of the Montessori educational program. The school started in 2010, teaching children between the ages of one to six years old.

When the school began, founder Fernando Saldain wanted a building that would not only teach current and incoming students, but would also adhere to the environmental focus the program has.

Located near two marine port terminals, Saldain remembered an article about using shipping containers as suitable homes and believed that was something to explore.

Montessori La Milpa

Citing long term durability, the repurposed nature of the containers, and creating a unique structure, Montessori La Milpa only took about three months to complete.

Some of the 40 foot containers were cut down to 30 foot segments in order to create the initial design and holds several classrooms with windows that take advantage of the coastline.

Montessori La Milpa complete


Those are 4 schools made from shipping containers, but there are many more.

Shipping containers are extremely versatile and can be customized and modified to fit any type of project. As we’ve seen with these schools, this versatility allows for students to get or continue their education regardless of their areas.

If you need to set up a temporary classroom or need to expand your current educational facility, get in touch with one of our shipping container experts today at 800.686.9114 or fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.