4 Uses for Shipping Containers in Retail

What are the uses for shipping containers in retail?

Shipping containers have become very popular as unique structures for different purposes. For retail businesses, the use of shipping containers can offer many different opportunities.

From inventory storage to pop up shops, here are 4 uses for shipping containers in retail businesses.

4 Uses for Shipping Containers in Retail Businesses

1. Excess Inventory

Retail businesses routinely receive incoming inventory, whether it’s the latest style of clothing or the newest toy on the market.

In many cases, there’s more inventory than actual space.

Southwest Mobile Storage container onsite

Instead of just piling up items in a storeroom or inaccessible warehouse offsite, retail businesses can use shipping storage containers.

Shipping containers are perfect for storing inventory. Not only that, but you also can also customize size and features so that you have the desired layout for your inventory.


2. Pop Up Shop

With many people online shopping these days, it may sometimes be a challenge for online business to meet with customers offline.

Not so, thanks to the use of pop up shops.

Pop up shops are temporary retail store fronts, usually done to highlight a brand launch, new item, or an event.

Pop Up Bar at Pima Waste

Online retail businesses can take great advantage of pop up shops.

Not only will you be giving current customers the opportunity to browse in a physical location, but you can also gain the attention of potential customers.

But don’t think pop up shops can only be used by online businesses.

Physical retail businesses can use pop up shops to help announce new product lines or even partnerships.

Companies like Nike, Adidas, and others have used pop up shops for special promotions, product launches, and marketing purposes.


3. Satellite Offices

When small businesses begin to grow their brand name, it will create the need for either a bigger location or a second (or third or fourth) location.

Shipping containers make great satellite offices and as noted above, perfect pop up shops.

If your retail business needs another location, using a shipping container can help to cut down on building expenses.

And because shipping containers are mobile, you can relocate your satellite office if you need to.


4. Shopping malls/marketplaces

Taking pop up shops to a more permanent level, shopping malls and marketplaces have been created out of shipping containers as well.

London’s Boxpark, for example, was the first pop up shopping center created with shipping containers. It’s made from 60 standard containers, stacked two stories high and are 5 rows across.

The success of Boxpark led to several more locations around England, featuring various retail businesses, restaurants, and hosted events.

Revolutsia was the first shopping mall in Wichita created with shipping containers, using 36 containers to also create a two-story development.

Revolutsia Mall in Wichita, KS

In this article, we looked at 4 uses for shipping containers in retail business.

From storing inventory to creating entire shopping malls, shipping containers have a wide variety of uses and not just for the retail industry.

Many industries like construction, food, healthcare, and education have used shipping containers as the foundation for buildings or offices.

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