5 Awesome Hotels Made from Shipping Containers

Are there shipping container hotels?

You might be surprised!

When you book your hotel, you may not think about the building’s structure and what it’s made of. But as you’ll see, some of the world’s most unique hotels have been made using shipping containers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 awesome shipping container hotels.

5 Awesome Hotels Made from Shipping Containers


1. Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort – Gudauri, Georgia, Eastern Europe

Set on the mountainside near the Caucasus mountains, the Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort is a rustic getaway and an underrated top spot for skiers.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort

The hotel is built out of several shipping containers, arranged in a pyramid type cluster.

It’s a minimalistic design, with a cozy modern interior featuring panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The best part is the ski slopes are only a 5 minute walk away!

2. Flophouze – Roundtop, TX

Deep in the heart of Texas, Flophouze has a unique setup.

Not only are the hotel rooms made from recycled shipping containers, but they are also for sale. Flophouze designed their hotel for people who might be interested in a living in a container home.

Flophouze Container Hotel

Guests can stay in one of six shipping containers, each with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Each room also has a fire pit, hammock, and charging station for electric vehicles.

Those who are interested in purchasing a container home can do so after their stay.

3. Sleeping Around – Various

Sleeping Around isn’t your ordinary hotel because it moves from location to location. Based in Europe, Sleeping Around is a pop-up hotel made from recycled 20-foot shipping containers.

Each container is a suite with a bed, a shower, and minimal furniture. They also have a breakfast and lounge container, along with a sauna.

Sleeping Around Hotel Room

Developed by Geoffrey Stampaert, Didier Opdebeeck, and Ellen Wezenbeek, the hotel has traveled through Belgium, New Zealand, and the UK.

You can even suggest a new location on the hotel’s website.

4. Studio 6 – Alberta, Canada

This Studio 6 is one of the largest shipping container hotels in North America.

Located in Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, the hotel was built in 2016 specifically for long-stay workers that worked in the nearby oil field.

Studio 6 Shipping Container Hotel

Studio 6 has 63 rooms, each with a kitchenette, lounge area, fitness room, and meeting room. Even the full-service elevator is made from a shipping container.

5. Travelodge – London, England

In the last several years, a number of different hotel chains have started building their hotels with shipping containers, as we saw above with Studio 6.

This Travelodge in London Uxbridge is one such chain, with 86 recycled shipping containers of different sizes helping to create the building.

The eight-story hotel only took about 20 days to complete, which was about 40 to 60% faster than the traditional method of construction. It also reduced on-site waste by 70%.

In this article, we looked at 5 awesome hotels made from shipping containers, but there are many more around the world. And hotels aren’t the only things built from containers.

Restaurants, hospitals, offices, even homes have been made from shipping containers, showing their large range of use.

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