5 Bars That Are Made from Shipping Containers

Have you heard of shipping container bars? 

It’s not as strange as you might think. 

The trend of using shipping containers for other purposes continues to increase, with businesses around the world using them for shops, schools, and even hotels. 

We’ve previously looked at restaurants that were made from shipping containers in two of our blogs. In this article, we’ll look at 5 bars that are made from shipping containers. 

5 Bars That Are Made from Shipping Containers 


1. The Container Bar – Austin, TX

If you’re in the Austin area, be sure to cruise by Rainey Street to the Container Bar 

The first bar on this stretch of road is also the first to be made from shipping containers. 

The Container Bar

Seven containers make up the two-story bar, which serves a wide variety of craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails. 

The bar was the creation of Bridget Dunlap, a local entrepreneur who has also created several other bars in the city. 


2. Oak & Ivy – Las Vegas, NV

Voted as one of 50 best whiskey bars in the US, Oak & Ivy has the distinction of not only being made from shipping containers but resides in a park made of them. 

Oak & Ivy is just one of the bars in Las Vegas’ Downtown Container Park, a shopping hub made entirely out of shipping containers.  

Oak & Ivy 

The bar is dedicated to serving craft whiskey cocktails, along with handcrafted and unique signature drinks, with seasonal ingredients and homemade garnishes. 


3. El Rey DC Taqueria & Mexican Beer Garden – Washington, DC

El Rey DC Taqueria & Mexican Beer Garden 

We’ve talked about this unique restaurant before, but it’s the year-round beer garden that’s our focus this time around. 

Made with 11 shipping containers, El Rey’s shipping container bar is fitted with a retractable, transparent roof. The roof can be pulled back depending on the weather, giving diners a great view. 

Drinks include pitchers of margaritas, tequila cocktails, Natty Boh michelada and of course, beer. 


4. Honomobar– various locations 

Honomobar has the unique distinction of being a bar that can travel. That’s in part to the creators, Honomobo. 


Originally manufacturing mobile offices and container homes, Honomobo  came to the idea of crafting portable shipping container bars during the harsh winters in Canada. 

Currently, the company offers two sizes – a 13-foot bar and a 20-foot bar – and each comes with options for electrical, equipment, and custom paint decals. 


5. The Avenue Eat & Drink – Tampa Bay, FL

Part of revolutionizing downtown St. Petersburg, the Avenue Eat & Drink is the eccentric new kid on the block. 

Made with two refurbished 20-foot shipping containers, the bar is equipped with a retractable roof, 14 taps, and a classic beverage menu. 

The Avenue Eat & Drink

The environment also sports a big screen TV for game watching, specialized original burgers, and a Sunday brunch that features a bottomless bar. 

In this article, we looked at 5 bars that are made from shipping containers. As mentioned, this is a growing trend, as more and more businesses are looking for alternative building material. 

Bars and restaurants are just a start; many businesses have used shipping containers as their building’s foundation. 

Even more find shipping containers are quick and easy options for temporary locations or pop up shops.  

Think your business might benefit from using a container pop up shop? 

We have an ultimate guide that looks at the history, purpose, and benefits of using pop up shops for business. 

If you’re interested learning more about using an ISO steel shipping container or how to use a shipping container to transform your bar environment, get in touch with us today. 

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