5 Easy Steps to Guarantee a Stress-Free Mobile Storage Container Delivery!

You’ve scheduled a delivery for your mobile storage container.

You got the perfect sized container for your project at a great price!

Everything is right on time and on budget.

But before your delivery shows up, there’s there are still a few things you need to do to ensure a smooth delivery process.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through 5 easy steps to prepare for your mobile storage delivery.

Let’s get started!

1. Pick a site for the container. The first thing you need to do is decide where you are going to place your mobile storage container. You’ll want to pick a site that is easily accessible and isn’t obstructing any entrances or exits.

2. Make sure there is enough space for both the container and the delivery truck. You want to pick a place to store your shipping container where there is enough space for the container and the delivery truck.  Ensure there is a minimum of 15 feet of unimpeded height (trees, power lines, rooftops, etc), and at least 12 feet of width clearance for the truck! Also, keep in mind that the delivery truck will need to do some maneuvering to deliver the shipping container.  A good rule of thumb is we require approximately 50 feet of straight space for a 20’ container and 100 feet for a 40’ container.

3. Make sure the surface is even. You’ll want to pick an even surface to place your mobile storage container on. Make sure you don’t pick an area with a slope! When storage containers are placed on uneven surfaces, there can be problems opening the doors and a variety of other issues. You want a nice level surface on which to place your mobile storage container. Asphalt, gravel, and concrete are all great surfaces on which to place your container. If you don’t have a level surface, available blocks or planks can be used to create one. Be sure to ask your mobile storage company if they provide blocks or planks, or if you will need to purchase your own.

4. Consider site changes. Are you in an area of the country that gets snow? Rain? Mud? After you pick a storage site with easy accessibility, enough space for the truck and make sure it’s even, take a few minutes to consider all the factors that might change while you are in possession of the storage container. Changes like new landscaping, or new structures can block vehicles or make it harder to maneuver a truck in for pick up. Remember that you need about twice the length of the container plus 30 feet for pickup as well as delivery! In addition to structural changes, weather like rain, hail, and snow can create soft ground, which can make it harder to access your storage container and create other issues.

5. Give any specific instructions to the Storage Company. Have a specific direction you want the storage container to face? Does the driver need to get through a gate to gain entrance to the delivery site? Make sure that you communicate any specific instructions to your mobile storage company well ahead of your delivery date, so that they can give those instructions to your delivery driver.

When it comes to preparing for your mobile storage container delivery, remember what Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It’s much easier to follow the simple steps in this article and prepare for your mobile storage container delivery the right way than to leave it to chance.

Follow the 5 steps in this article and you’ll have a stress-free delivery every time!

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