5 More Container Schools

Container schools have long been used as an alternative to traditional buildings, especially in areas where construction may not be an option.

We previously looked at 4 other schools that have been made from shipping containers from around the world and how they came to be.

In this article, we look at 5 more container schools.

5 More Container Schools


1. DigiTruck – Africa

Less than half of Africa’s population has access to electricity, which can make providing children the ability for internet connectivity difficult.

The charity Close the Gap partnered with electronics recycling company Arrow to create the DigiTruck, a portable IT classroom.

Built using an insulated, recycled, and solar powered 40-foot shipping container, the DigiTruck began as a classroom for a local orphanage in Tanzania.

Shipping containers were chosen for its security and portability, allowing it to travel to several different villages and benefiting hundreds of children.

Here’s a great video from the founder of one of the orphanages:


2. St. Bede’s Primary Academy – Manchester, England

Desperate for a more modern, functional, and ergonomic design for their 140 year old buildings, St. Bede’s Primary Academy looked for a budget friendly renovation.

St. Bede's Primary Academy Container School

Completed in 2015, St Bede’s Primary Academy was able to save about two-thirds of the cost that would’ve been spent on traditional brick buildings.

Using several shipping containers, St. Bede’s was able to create a stand alone block and three new classrooms.


3. ISDSI Thailand Campus – Northern Thailand

ISDSI Thailand Campus Concept

A recognized leader for innovative study abroad programs, the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) wanted to promote sustainability with their new campus.

This led to the creation of the Thailand campus, using 17 high cube shipping containers for the main building and a 20ft container for their café.

22 recycled containers was the final total, creating several different types of locations, including:

  • 6 classrooms
  • 2 seminar spaces
  • A library and quiet work area

We discuss more about the Thai campus in our latest container spotlight.


4. Living Waters High School – Mwanza, Tanzania

Living Waters Container High School

Hebner Innovative Solutions works with small charities to provide low cost building solutions, especially in areas with limited resources for large projects.

HIS has helped several communities build schools, including the TEARS high school in the Dominican Republic in 2017.

That same year, HIS put in the final touches for the Living Waters High School in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Like the DigiTruck in Africa, Living Wars is a local orphanage that looked to provide education to the children and teens there.

Built on the side of a hill with no access to traditional construction, HIS used 22 containers to create the 3-story building.

Classrooms are able to hold up to 60 students, with an average of about 35 to 45 inside. The first floor and basement areas were designed to accommodate disable students.


5. Vissershok Primary School – Cape Town, South Africa

In the rolling hills of the Dubanville wine valley outside of Cape Town sits the Vissershok Primary School.

Vissershok is dedicated to children of the farm workers and underprivileged community in Du Noon, a poverty stricken township a few miles away.

Woolworths, Safmarine, and AfriSam sponsored the 40-foot recycled container that was converted into a classroom for students aged 5 and 6.

The actual design of the school was part of an annual design competition presented by Woolsworth, that helps to introduce design to local high school students.

The competition winner showcased a playful outdoor jungle gym that was then handed over to Tsai Design Studio.

Vissershok Container School Concept

The school is sectioned in four parts –

  • The learning area that serves as a classroom for the morning and a library in the afternoon.
  • A gathering area that offers a space for students to eat lunch, socialize, and acts as an amphitheater for assemblies
  • A play area
  • A growing area that acts as a vertical vegetable garden, giving students an educational tool and fresh produce for their lunch program

Vissershok Primary Container School

In this article, we looked at five more container schools that have been constructed to help bring education to remote or rural areas.

Schools can use shipping containers in other ways, such as for storing records, technology classrooms or even science labs.

And education isn’t the only industry that can benefit from using ISO steel containers.

Healthcare, food and beverage, retail, and more are using storage containers for inventory, pop up shops, and like these schools, the basis for their businesses.

Shipping containers continue to prove a great alternative to traditional building materials, especially for areas where construction can’t be done.

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