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5 Types of Projects That Could Use Temporary Storage

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Considering temporary storage solutions can help you plan your upcoming business projects more efficiently, while creating a low-cost option for storing items in the short term. Having to rent out building space or creating an overflow of items can be a costly venture for your business, not to mention a time sink when it comes to trying to find items or having employees travel out to public storage facilities to retrieve something.

Whether you’re storing excess inventory or planning an event, renting a storage container can give your business an avenue of extra storage space and can aid in helping you showcase your business. In this post, we’ll look at 5 common business projects that can use a temporary storage container rental, so your business stays on budget while attracting new and current customers.

5 Types of Projects That Could Use Temporary Storage

1. New Inventory

Unnecessary clutter and small spacing can be challenging for any business, especially when in a small business environment. Overflowing inventory – new or current – can lead to disorganization and can prevent use of space within your building. This can also cause safety hazards for employees and customers.

Renting a shipping storage container, however, gives you extra storage space for inventory, merchandise, or other items. A storage container rental saves on needing to rent or build additional rooms on your building, while also saving time with quick access. Storage containers can be placed on-site at your business property, making it easy for you or your employees to retrieve items and if you have multiple locations, storage containers are also portable, so you can move a container from one location to another.

Your inventory is stored safely and security to be used whenever you need to restock or make room for new deliveries.


2. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are costly for any business, whether it’s something as minor as knocking out power or complete destruction of your office location. If there’s major damage, you may have to remodel the building or even relocate to another building while construction is being done.

Temporary storage can help by putting your undamaged items in one place that’s easy to get to. If your business has to relocate to another building, you can bring a container along so that you aren’t without important documents or records.

According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reductions, there has been a rise in climate-related disasters during the past 20 years. Depending on your business location, you may experience some type of natural disaster on a yearly basis; for example, those of us in the southwest often see annual flooding and wildfires during the summer, many of these causing thousands of dollars or more in damage.


3. Pop-up Shops

Being able to showcase and display your business product or services to customers is essential to any business, but as customer preferences change and evolve, it’s not always as simple as advertising with traditional means. This leads to additional spending that may not reach your target customer.

Over the last few years “Popup Shops” and sales have become a huge moneymaker for small businesses. These temporary store fronts not only help to attract new and current customers, but they’re great at advertising and showcasing your brand in a completely different way. There are many different options for either a pop-up shop or a portable showroom that can be done with a storage container rental.

Pima Waste Management Portable Brewery

Temporary storage units are a great way to transport and secure your products for a pop-up shop or a portable showroom. If you’re thinking about expanding your business to another location, a pop-up shop is a great way to attract attention and interest before creating a new shop; you could even use a storage container as a shop when using a customized container.


4. Events

Regional or local events can be an excellent way to promote your business, but it can also be a costly and timely effort to set everything up. One of the most common expense is the exhibition booth, which can cost a thousand dollars or more.

As we mentioned above with pop-up shops, business events or fairs are a great way for additional promotion for your business. Temporary storage can be a great way to store building materials, host a pop-up shop or even create a portable emergency care facility.

Our San Diego office was able to create a concession stand for the Steel Canyon Athletic Club for one of their school events.  Portable storage containers can be used for either big city events or even local ones; container rentals also work great as trailers for concert performers or backstage areas to help people get out of the elements.


5. Temporary Storage for Remodeling/Renovation

Remodeling or renovating a business can be stressful, with limited access to workspaces and construction background noise. These types of disruptions can be a catalyst for unproductive employees and low workplace morale.

Using temporary storage containers can keep important documents or materials out of the way, but still accessed by employees. And storage container rentals don’t have to just be for storage!

Depending on building size or department section, mobile office storage containers can be a great way to give employees back their office environment, without having to rent costly building space. And because both mobile office and storage container are still on the same location as your main business, you and your employees don’t need to spend a needless amount of time driving back and forth to your location.

These are just 5 types of projects your business could use temporary storage for, but there are an unlimited number of projects! Temporary storage containers provide opportunities to further your business success without breaking your budget. Ready to get started? Get a quote from us today!

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