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6 Things You Don’t Know about Portable Storage Containers

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When you think about portable storage containers for rent, you probably imagine businesses using them to hold inventory or stockroom supplies, but these repurposed shipping containers can offer so much more!

Homeowners and renters alike often struggle with the stress that comes with moving or renovating, time constraints forcing you to pack and move in a hurry before the time limit on your moving van expires, while those who are remodeling or renovating worry about their items in the midst of construction and avoiding damage to family keepsakes or expensive memorabilia. Factor in the cost for both, as well as the time having to go back and forth between your current home and a public storage facility or your new house puts not only wear and tear on your vehicle, but a hefty price tag on your wallet.

Whether you’re moving, doing a home renovation, or even considering starting your own business, portable storage containers can help save you time and money, while reducing the stress, frustration, and overall headaches when it comes to keeping your items secure and intact.

In this article, we’ll look at 6 things you don’t know about portable storage containers.


6 Things You Don’t Know About Portable Storage Containers

1. Perfect for Moving

Southwest Mobile Storage understands the frustration involved with moving; a few years ago, research done by a UK energy company discovered that moving was more stressful than getting a divorce or starting a new job! For many movers, misplaced items or being unable to find items is even more stressing, and some people admit to never being fully moved in as they have yet to unpack boxes.

Portable storage container rentals are great for moving, regardless if you’re moving from an apartment, a house, or even an office building. This eliminates the need for rushed packing, especially when done during the week after work or school.

Residential Storage Container Rental

When you rent a portable storage container, the container is delivered to your property and you can keep it for as long as you need. Because it’s on your property, you can move items in at your leisure and when you’ve finished, you just request the container be picked up and delivered to your new home!

But what if your new home isn’t ready yet? That’s okay, because you can store your portable storage container rental on our site until your new home is ready. When it is, just give us a call and we’ll move your container to your new home.


2. Perfect for Renovations/Remodeling

Like with moving, doing a renovation or remodel of a home can be equally as stressful.  The average cost of a remodel can be anywhere between $19,000 and $73,000, depending on the size of the house and the work being done. Many of these can take months or years to complete, creating a lack of space, restricted areas, and noisy backgrounds. Trying to figure out where to store your belongings during this time can be hassle, especially if you’re doing more than one room or area of your home.

Portable storage containers can be used to store belongings and kept out of the way while work is being done. As with moving, because the container is on your property, you can easily and quickly find items you need without having to go from your home to an off-site facility.


3. Portable Storage Containers are Eco-friendly

Climate change, sustainability, plastic and other waste – these are just a few things that contribute to harmful effects on the planet. 10-20 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, while 5.2 trillion particles of plastic are floating in the ocean. The associated costs for air pollution, as an example, is 5% of our GDP.

One of the ways to help prevent and reverse environmental issues is recycling materials that would otherwise breakdown into waste that would further create environmental issues. This is what makes portable storage containers so impressive. When you rent a portable storage container, you’re using a repurposed or recycled shipping container. This helps to reduce the overall footprint caused by their being melted down into scrap.

This also helps to reduce the amount of materials used in building, such as lumber and steel, which have been difficult to find due to a supply chain shortage.


4. Low-cost

Regardless if you’re moving or renovating, there can be high costs associated with both. For instance, the average cost of a local move – from one side of town to the other – is about $1,250 for a two to three bedroom home. This includes the rental fees for a professional mover, but even when you’re moving without a moving company, you still have to rent a moving truck, plan a day where you and several friends are able to move, and hopefully paying those friends in gratitude and food.

A main reason why portable storage containers have increased in popularity is due to their low cost. When compared with the costs associated with moving, portable ISO containers are incredibly affordable to rent.

This not only saves a portion of your moving costs, but allows you the time to pack efficiently and without stress, so that your move goes smoothly.


5. Portable Storage Container Rentals are Secure

According to, there were just a little over 3,000 reported cases of property theft in August 2020. While this number is low and attributed to the heightened security and other measures due to COVID-19, that is still a large number of cases. In fact, property theft is the most common crime within the US, with the average amount rounding to about $2,000 worth of stolen items.

When it comes to securing your portable storage container rental, there are actual several ways to making sure your items are safe. Using our slide bolt locking systems in addition to lockboxes helps to prevent theft of items.

As you move items into your storage container, keep an inventory list. This helps to give you an idea of items that you plan to keep, any that you plan to donate or give away, and keeps track of what you current have.


6. Modify a Portable Storage Container

The 2020 pandemic caused by the coronavirus saw many businesses closing their doors or moving their employees to work at home environments. This was an added stress for employees, who had to turn their kitchens or living rooms into makeshift home offices or classroom, joining the uncertainty on what would happen next due to virus concerns.

While renting a portable storage container is a perfect choice when moving or renovating, it’s also a great choice in the aftermath of COVID-19. If you’re business is still at reduced capacity and you’re working from home, you can use a portable storage container as a mobile office.

This is because portable ISO steel containers can be easily customized or modified. This can be as basic as installing:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical

Portable mobile office containers from Southwest Mobile Storage gives you an office environment, along with a storage area for any additional tools or equipment. These offices can had add-ons, like desktops or filing cabinets, so that you can continue working without the typical home distractions.

Portable storage containers can be more than what they seem – great for movers and remodelers, but also low-cost and eco-friendly so that you can get an easy and quick way to store your items, while also keeping sustainable in the effort to reduce waste. For work at home employees, they give the perfect office environment to be productive, without the hassle of a commute,  cost in gas money or having to take public transportation.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about portable storage container rentals, why not see how modified containers are being used at home?

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