8 Amazing Reasons A Sustainable Container Home Is the Right Choice!

Thinking about a sustainable container home?

Tiny homes and container homes have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

There are Facebook groups, Reddits, and even TV shows dedicated to tiny homes!

But are they actually better for the environment?

In this article, we will look at 8 reasons why container homes are a more sustainable choice for home building!

Let’s get into it.

8 Reasons Why Container Homes are a More Sustainable Choice:

1. Container homes offer incredible durability for the price. Because container homes are built from steel and designed to survive long periods at sea, they are extremely durable. And because you can buy a used shipping container inexpensively (Especially when compared to new steel construction) the price to durability ratio for container homes is off the charts. Simply put, container homes offer unparalleled durability for the price!

2. Container Homes are easy to make green. Because shipping containers are used for a variety of different projects from mobile offices to storage, they are incredibly easy to modify. You can easily add Solar Panels, insulation, wind power, rain tanks, solar showers, and more to your container home. Without having to either A. tear out the entire electrical system of an existing home. Or B. Pay extra to add the green modifications to a new construction project.

3. Upcycling. When you re-use a shipping container to create a new home, you’re not just recycling around 2800 lbs. of steel (a non-renewable resource) you’re engaging in what is called upcycling. According to Wikipedia, “Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.” With upcycling, you are taking unwanted shipping containers and transforming them into beautiful green homes fulfilling their “highest and best possible use.”

4. Container Homes are portable. Another way in which container homes are more sustainable than traditional homes is that they are portable. That means that if you ever decide to move, you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying or building another home. All you have to do is put your container home on a flatbed truck and take it with you. In theory, you could live in your container home for the rest of your life over several moves. Try doing that with a traditional home! A container home could literally be the last home you ever need to buy!

5. Container Homes are easy to insulate. Heating and cooling your home wastes a lot of energy! Because shipping containers are easy to insulate you can save a ton of money on heating and cooling while also cutting down on your personal energy usage! Some shipping containers you buy may already have insulation built-in.

6. Container Homes minimize resource waste. There are two main ways that container homes help to minimize resource waste. The first is through upcycling which we discussed earlier in point # 3. The second way that container homes minimize resource waste is through using fewer building materials in general. With a container home, you don’t need to worry about things like drywall, wooden beams and stuff like that. Instead, you just need to know how many containers you need and how they need to be customized. This cuts down on a lot of materials that would be wasted otherwise during a traditional home build.

7. Container Homes are Customizable. Because container homes are almost 100% customizable, it is easy to add sustainable modifications like bamboo flooring, solar panels, and energy-efficient windows! You’re going to customize your container home anyway, why not make it as sustainable as possible?

8. Container Homes are flood and fireproof! From January 1 to November 22, 2019, there were 46,706 wildfires according to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC). About 4.6 million acres were burned in 2019 alone. Since 2011, ALL 50 states have experienced floods. Flooding is the №1 natural disaster in the United States. From 2005 to 2014, the average flood claim was $42,000, and total flood insurance claims averaged more than $3.5 billion per year. Nationally, the average flood premium is $700 per year. But there’s the good news, shipping containers are resilient against both fire and floods! Because shipping container homes are made from steel, they are fire-resistant up to 2500 degrees! And steel is water-resistant to a depth of 165 feet! That means unless a record-setting flood or fire happens, your container home is going to be ok!

As you can see, using a steel shipping container to build a tiny (or regular sized) home is an awesome and sustainable choice!

Container homes are durable, affordable, portable, fire and flood-proof (to a point), easy to customize and make green and allow you to upcycle instead of wasting resources.

By now the choice is clear, using a steel shipping container is the best, most sustainable way to create a tiny home!

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