An Alternative to ProBox

Are you looking for an alternative to ProBox for your portable storage needs?

ProBox has been offering shipping container storage solutions since 2014 and is tailored to general contractors or construction companies.

In this article, we’ll look at ProBox’s offerings and present an alternative option to their services.

Why Use an Alternative to ProBox?


ProBox began as a family run business by president and CEO, Steve Bunger.

Bunger ran several of his family’s container businesses and locations before starting and basing ProBox in Phoenix.

They also have locations in Denver and Tulsa.

ProBox's the Stinger Delivery Truck

When choosing an alternative to ProBox, your budget will be one of the first factors you’ll want to look at.

ProBox is one of the more affordable option when it comes to portable storage, however you should keep in mind that sizing, length of time, and project type may change any final pricing.

ProBox has a several containers to choose from:

  • 10’ footer
  • 15’ footer
  • 20’ footer
  • 25’ footer
  • 40’ footer

ProBox does have some customization options available, such as ventilation, flooring, windows, doors, and more.

As mentioned earlier, depending on the size of the portage storage container, the length of time you plan on using the container, and any modifications you make will influence your pricing cost.

Why Southwest Mobile Storage is an Alternative to ProBox


Southwest Mobile Storage is a great alternative to ProBox when it comes to your portable storage needs.

Like ProBox, Southwest Mobile Storage is a very affordable option for portable storage, especially against competitors like Mini Mobile.

There are a few differences though.

We cater to all projects

ProBox mainly focuses on business clients.

While we also partner with many B2B businesses and industries, we also offer affordable options for individuals who need storage.

For example, our containers are perfect for home remodeling, renovations, or even moving.

We offer storage container sizes of:

  • 10’ footer
  • 15’ footer
  • 20’ footer
  • 24’ footer
  • 30’ footer
  • 40’ footer

These containers can also be modified or customized.

Unlimited options for customization

ProBox does offer customizations and modifications for their shipping containers, but Southwest Mobile Storage can go even further!

Do you need a temporary mobile office?

We can do that!

Having an event to show off a new product or inventory?

We can do that!

Custom Pop Up Shipping Container

Do you need a mobile medical lab?

We can do that too!

Our on-site fabrication department can create unlimited options for your portable storage container.

We can customize and modify any sized container, so you have the right size for your project.

We also take care to clean and wash all of our containers before and after delivery to ensure the safety of our customers.

Container Tech Cleaning Office

In this article, we looked at an alternative to ProBox for your portable storage container needs.

Researching the different options helps to identify the right container, the right size, and the right provider.

This allows you to pin point the exact portable storage container that you need.

If you’re looking for an affordable choice for your portable or other shipping container storage needs, please contact at 800.686.9114 or fill out the form below.