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How Shipping Containers Increase Productivity for Auto Repair Shops

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If you’re looking to increase productivity for your auto repair shop, you might be surprised to learn that shipping containers can help provide your business more efficiency, cost-savings and easy access.

Your car dealership or auto repair shop probably has inventory that you need to keep at your business in order to quickly service your customers’ vehicles, such as auto body parts or big accessories. But you may not have the space to keep these items on hand, requiring you to store the parts offsite, which is inconvenient and costly, or let them overflow into your workspace, reducing productivity and creating a hazardous workplace.

To store your inventory, you need a convenient, accessible and secure place to put it. Using storage containers for your business gives you additional storage that’s located right on your property, without having to pay employees to waste time driving out to an offsite storage location or leaving items hazardously unattended.

In this article, we’ll look at how renting a shipping container boosts productivity for your auto repair shop.

How to Use Storage Container Rentals for Your Auto Repair Shop

Supply chain shortages caused in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has seen the auto industry deal with ongoing shortages of computer chips, which have become major components in most modern vehicles. Semiconductors aren’t the only thing that have gone in short supply – steel, for example, is another crucial material for many industries and businesses.

In order to ensure you have enough parts to continue your operations, your business may have begun to stock up on parts. But now, you need to find a convenient, secure place to store these parts.

Rent-Commercial-Containers Southwest Mobile Storage

Renting commercial storage containers is an efficient, affordable and easy way for your auto repair shop to store your parts and other inventory. They give you and your employees fast access when you need parts while also allowing your distributors to easily deliver new inventory without hassle.

One of our customers, Earnhardt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center in Gilbert, AZ, added roll up doors to its storage containers for additional accessibility and productivity. These doors make it easier and faster for employees to store and retrieve items from the containers. The doors are also lockable, so you can rest assured your inventory is safe.

Using these storage containers has given Earnhardt the ability to stock up on inventory at its business location, while increasing productivity and without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

You can also use storage containers for your auto repair shop for more than inventory. You can also store vehicles, large equipment and tools in shipping containers. Learn more about how renting storage containers helps your business and how you can use shipping containers for sale to expand your business.

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