Bathroom Remodel Shopping List

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

You wouldn’t be alone, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reports that 14.2 million households (13% of all Americans) will remodel their bathroom this year.

Here at Southwest Mobile Storage we work with a lot of home remodelers and get a lot of questions about what you need to remodel your bathroom (besides a shipping container to store your stuff in).

Whether you have hired contractors or are doing a DIY bathroom remodel this checklist for a full bathroom remodel will help you remember everything you need.

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Checklist for a full bathroom remodel:

  • Bathtub/shower. The bathtub/shower is the biggest piece of your bathroom remodel and depending on the type of tub you choose can be one of the most expensive pieces. You might also decide to separate the bathtub and the shower as well adding an additional piece of equipment.
  • Lighting fixtures. Are you going to keep your current lighting fixtures or are you going to add an entirely new lighting system like vanity lights?
  • Medicine Chest/Medicine Cabinet. Do you want to keep your medicine cabinet in the same place as it was before or do you want to move it to create a new room flow?
  • Mirrors. Don’t forget mirrors! Do you want to keep the same size mirrors you have now or do you want to make a change?
  • Shower Head. There are a wide variety of shower heads with various features. Be sure to do your research to find the right one for you!
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  • Shower Valve. A new shower valve gives you the flexibility to upgrade the style and functionality of your shower without altering the plumbing behind the wall.
  • Toilet. Are you going to keep the same toilet or upgrade it to match your bathroom remodel?
  • Towel Bars. Towel bars are an often overlooked but very important part of a bathroom. Without towel bars where are you going to hang your towels?
  • Toilet Paper Holder. Speaking of often overlooked pieces of a bathroom remodel, toilet paper holders are often forgotten or kept the same during a remodel and those little details matter.
  • Tub Valve. A tub valve works just like a shower valve allowing you to upgrade the style and functionality of your bathtub without having to go behind the wall and alter the plumbing.
  • Vanity Faucet(s). Faucets are something that everyone who visits your bathroom will use (hopefully!) so you’ll want to make sure your new faucets stand out.
  • Vanity Sink(s). When considering your sinks during your remodel you should consider both the existing sinks you have and if you want to add a sink for a his and hers vanity.

That’s your checklist for total bathroom remodel, but there are also some optional bathroom fixtures that you might want to consider as well such as:

Optional Bathroom Fixtures Checklist:

  • Body Jets. Turn your shower into a luxury retreat with body jet sprays. Body jets are a great way to add a refreshing resort feel to your shower.
  • Electronic Toilet Seats. There are a wide variety of electronic toilet seats with various features from self-warming seats to seats with built in bidet functions.
  • Handheld Shower Head with hose and slide bar. Want to make bathing kids and pets more convenient? How about getting rid of nasty soap scum? A handheld shower head with hose and slide bar is a great way to make bathing easier and reduce your water bill!
  • Multiple Shower Heads and Diverters. Expanding your shower in your remodel? Want to create a variable shower experience with multiple types of water pressure? Multiple shower heads and diverters allow you to maintain water pressure while using as many shower heads as you want for a truly luxurious bathing experience.
  • Rain Shower Head. Ever spent the night at a nice hotel and tried to figure out what made their shower so much nicer? Chances are it was a rainfall shower head. Rain shower heads create a wider pray so that it feels like you are in your own personal rainstorm.
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  • Remote Control Shower Fixtures. Get the ultimate in control with a remote or voice-controlled shower controller fixture. Connect your shower to Wi-Fi and control it from your phone. Warm your shower up to the exact temperature you desire before getting in or pause the shower until it reaches your desired temperature. A remote control shower controller fixture puts you in control.
  • Robe Hooks. When you remodel your bathroom, you might as well remodel your at home wardrobe by becoming a robe guy or girl. Add some robe hooks to your bathroom so that your robe is always within arm’s reach.
  • Steam Shower. A steam shower or steam generator is a great way to add some sauna functionality to your shower. Relax, steam, and destress with your own steam shower in the comfort of your own home without having to build a sauna room.
  • Towel Rings. Towel rings offer a classier more elegant alternative to towel racks or hooks.
  • Waterproof Speakers. Add music to your shower experience with waterproof speakers. Listen to your favorite music, podcast or even tv shows while you relax.

That pretty much covers everything you need to remodel your bathroom.

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Except one thing.

Storage for Your Bathroom Remodel:

When you remodel your bathroom, you’re going to need somewhere to store things.

And the best way to store things for your remodel from trash to supplies is by renting a shipping container storage unit!

When you rent a shipping container storage unit one of our talented drivers will drop off the container at your house on your schedule.

You can store whatever you want in the unit for as long as you need it and when you’re done a driver will pick up the container for you.

No muss, no fuss!

To schedule a shipping container storage unit for your bathroom remodel, go to our website or give us a call at 1–800–686–9114 and one of our storage experts will be standing by to help you get the perfect container.