Best Customized Storage Solutions

Do you have an upcoming building project?

Are you looking for an affordable, durable, structure that fits your project’s specific needs?

Over the past few years, more general contractors, sub-contractors and architects are turning to customized storage solutions like modified shipping containers instead of traditional brick and mortar buildings in their building projects.

In this article, we’ll get into what shipping container modification is and why it’s the best option for customizes storage.

Let’s start by explaining what a modified shipping container is.

What Is Shipping Container Modification?

Modified shipping containers are the same ISO steel shipping containers used to transport goods overseas which have been customized to create everything from homes, and cabins to offices, classrooms and even mobile medical centers.

Modified shipping containers are a great alternative to traditional buildings because they are low-cost, easy to customize and have a wide range of uses.

Why Choose Southwest Mobile Storage as Your Shipping Container Company?

While there are a lot of companies that sell ISO steel shipping containers, there are not that many companies that do shipping container modifications.

Southwest Mobile Storage has quickly become a leader in the shipping container modification industry. With our 90,000 square foot fabrication factory, there are no modifications we can’t handle. We sell modified shipping containers both B2B and B2C offering high-quality containers that meet the highest possible standards.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Shipping Containers?

  • Custom Shipping Containers are exactly what you need. Because customized shipping container structures are built to your specifications, they will match your needs exactly. You won’t have to worry about modifying anything because the modifications will already be done when your shipping container arrives.
  • Custom Shipping Containers are movable. Custom shipping containers are very easy to move around. In fact, even if you have a custom shipping container home, the whole thing can be put on a flatbed truck and moved with you anywhere you want to go.
  • Custom Shipping Containers are fast! Unlike traditional brick and mortar construction which can take months (or years) custom shipping containers can often be built in just a few weeks or even faster depending on the modifications. The faster you get your custom shipping container the faster you can finish your project on-time and on-budget.
  • Custom shipping containers are tough! Because ISO steel shipping containers are designed to survive harsh conditions at sea and on the road, they much more durable than traditional building materials. You won’t have to worry about your shipping container structure, decaying, breaking or getting damaged by things like hurricanes or floods.
  • Custom shipping containers are secure. Custom shipping containers are very easy to secure. Most custom containers come with locking doors and additional security measures like lockboxes, and video cameras can be added to make your custom container virtually impenetrable.
  • Custom shipping containers are unique. If you want to make your next project stand out, using a customized shipping container is a great way to do it. Custom shipping containers stand out and make your project look modern and sustainable.

10 Common Applications for Customized Shipping Containers:

1. Classrooms. A modified shipping container makes a great temporary classroom for school districts on a budget or time crunch. Using a custom shipping container is more affordable and faster than building new traditional classrooms or renovating the existing classrooms.

2. Pop up shops. Want to host a pop-up shop? A modified shipping container is a great way to get a portable pop up shop that you can use repeatedly.

3. Restaurants. Modified shipping containers are a great option for restaurants, bars, or fast food drive-thrus. Additionally, because modified shipping containers are portable if you are having trouble in one location, you can always move the container to a better spot. Try doing that with a traditional building.

4. Offices. We’ve talked extensively about the benefits of mobile offices in this article. Using a shipping container office is the fastest most affordable option when you need more office space. You can even modify our existing shipping container offices to make sure they’re exactly what you need.

5. Medical centers. Customized shipping containers are a great option for when you need to set up a medical center at an event like a concert, festival or fair. Customized shipping containers are cleaner, and more secure than tents and offer additional options such as climate control and internet access.

6. Press boxes. A modified shipping container makes a great press box for athletic fields, arenas, and stadiums that don’t have them. Because the shipping containers are portable, they can even be moved around the facility if needed to make room for expansion or design changes.

7. Concession stands. Using a modified shipping container is a great way to build portable concession stands that can be used at stadiums, festivals, school events and more!

8. Electrical control rooms. An electrical control room sometimes called an electrical house is a standalone building that provides fast and flexible power solutions. A custom shipping container is a great way to build an affordable, fast and custom electrical control room for any purpose.

9. Laboratories. Need extra space to run tests or store specimens in a specific environment? Customized shipping containers can easily be turned into portable labs or clean rooms. Whether you need a mobile structure for fieldwork or require a permanent addition to your facilities, customized storage containers are a great option.

10. Bathrooms. Modified shipping containers are a great way to add extra restrooms to your office, construction site, park, or anywhere else they’re needed.

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