Best Mobile Office Service in Denver

Are you looking for the best mobile office service in Denver?

As businesses modify their office format, the question of full time building rental or ownership is changing.

Office Building - Best Mobile Office Service in Denver
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Mobile offices can be a great alternative to renting traditional office space, especially for the Mile High City of Denver, CO.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of mobile offices and which providers feature the best mobile office service in Denver.

Let’s get started!

Best Mobile Office Service in Denver


Before we look in the best mobile office service, let’s first look at what a mobile office is.

A mobile office is a modified shipping container that includes personnel doors, windows, HVAC, electrical, insulation, and more.

Southwest Mobile Storage - Mobile Office Service in Denver

They allow for a professional work environment when a physical location is unavailable or when an office atmosphere is needed temporarily.

While mobile offices have long been associated with construction locations and sites, any business industry can use them.

Now let’s look at 3 Denver mobile office providers.


1. Southwest Mobile Storage

We have been a leader in mobile storage for over twenty-five years, with experienced, licensed, and certified fabricators, engineers, and designers on staff.

Not only do we offer a wide variety of shipping containers for every need and budget, but we also offer unlimited modifications on those containers.

We offer three types of mobile offices:

  • Open bay offices
  • Combination offices
  • Split offices

Southwest Mobile Options for Mobile Office Service in Denver

Our Open Bay mobile offices come in 5 different layout sizes:

  • 10-foot office
  • 15-foot office
  • 20-foot office
  • 24-foot office
  • 40-foot office

Our combination offices come in 3 different layout sizes that include a storage area, while our split office is a 40’ mobile office.

The split office allows for two office areas on either side, with a conference area in the center. We custom build offices for purchase to accommodate for any desired layout or design.

We service the Denver and surrounding areas, as well as Arizona and California.


2. Aptera

Aptera was founded in 2003 as a consulting business to help telecommunications and industrial equipment customers transition to online processes.

Aptera offers two standard different sizes of mobile offices:

  • 20-foot offices
  • 40-foot offices

Aptera Mobile Office Service in Denver

They do have larger sizes that can go up to 64’ and they cover several neighborhoods within Denver.

Aptera offers like-new and refurbished mobile office trailers and can modify them for ramps, windows, and more.


3. Satellite Shelters

Satellite Shelters, along with their sister company Satellite Industries, is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of portable equipment.

They began by supplying the sanitation industry with portable stations, like restrooms, showers, tanks, and trucks.

Satellite now provides modular building solutions to Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Satellite Shelters Mobile Office Service in Denver

Like Southwest Mobile and Aptera, Satellite offers several different sizes of mobile offices, starting at 24’ and going up to 60’.

They offer unique floor plans that combine into a customized building.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Office Service in Denver


Choosing the best mobile service in Denver depends on what your business needs are.

  • What are those needs?
  • How long will you need the mobile office?
  • What size of office will you need?

Deciding if a mobile office is the right choice will come from the answers to these questions.

When picking a provider, ensure that they are able to meet those, especially in terms of pricing and any modifications.

Many providers will offer basic modifications, just as the addition of doors and windows, however they don’t offer more than that.

Southwest Mobile Storage not only offers the above modifications, but we also do customizations that meet whatever creative idea you might have.

Our office units are ground-level that don’t require any stairs, tear-down, permits, or skirting that are normally related to modular offices.

This helps to save time and money.

If you’re looking for the best mobile office service in Denver, give us a call at 303.227.3881 or fill out the form below.


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