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How to Better Organize Your Construction Equipment in Storage Containers

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Organizing your equipment in storage containers cuts down the amount of time your workers spend looking for tools or trying to access equipment. When you have cluttered space, it takes more time and energy to search for items, especially when you have multiple people using it throughout the construction project.

When working on a large construction project, too many workers looking for items in your unorganized container creates a traffic jam, lowering productivity and morale by creating a frustrated and disorganized atmosphere.

A storage container can save on costs and creates more efficiency for workers to grab tools on-site, but you don’t want to reduce these benefits by putting obstacles in your way. Keeping your equipment organized helps increase worker productivity, keeps your project on track and saves time and money.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to better organize your equipment in the storage container you buy for your construction site.

Tips for Organizing Your Construction Equipment in Storage Containers

Tip #1: Create an inventory list

If you or your employees don’t know what’s in your storage containers before opening them, you may waste time searching for an item that isn’t even inside.

Creating an inventory list gives you an overview of all the items that are placed in your storage container, helping you track your items. This is especially helpful if you bought more than one storage container for your construction site.

List all items stored inside each shipping container and leave the list in an easily accessible and viewable place. Place the list in plastic and hang it on the door of the container so you know exactly what’s in each container before opening it.

Tip #2: Use shelves

When you have to pile all of your tools, materials and other items onto the floor or each other, your storage space very quickly becomes disorganized and hard to search through, wasting your time and energy.

Shelving units create several levels of tool organization, while leaving floor space open for larger items like toolboxes drills, mixers, etc. With a clear path, you or your crew can move safely through the container and easily find whatever you need.

Organized Storage Container Shelving

Add gorilla racks and open or closed pipe racks to your storage container for seamless organization.

Tip #3: Use other organizational tools

Sometimes shelves aren’t enough to keep all the smaller materials and tools you have organized. Small loose items such as nails, hammers, wrenches, masks and more have a tendency to get lost without organization, causing safety hazards and the expense of replacing them.

File cabinets, folding plan tables and desktops can be used to better organize your storage container. Filing cabinets are great for small pack items, like nails, washers and screws; plan tables or desktops can be used for as a work surface or to place items like toolboxes, hammers and wrenches.

Save time having to buy and install your own tables, desktops, cabinets and more by purchasing them with your container.

Construction Tool Crib for a Storage Container

Tip #4: Create a tool crib

If you want to move your container while loaded, you need a way to keep everything securely in place. Otherwise, your tools, materials and equipment will be tossed everywhere and get damaged.

For the best organization and secure moving, buy a modified shipping container for construction. These custom tool cribs give you peak efficiency and a greater peace of mind when it comes to container organization.

Buy a custom tool crib container for the best storage organization possible.

With these tips, you can guarantee your storage container is better organized for easier, streamlined access.

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