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5 Types of Projects That Could Use Temporary Storage

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Temporary storage containers can help you handle your commercial business projects more efficiently. Renting a storage space or building can be costly for your business, not to mention the extra time it takes to retrieve necessary items from a public storage facility. In contrast, a storage container is a low-cost solution for storing items in the short term.

Whether you’re storing excess inventory or planning an event, renting a storage container gives you additional storage space and helps your business stand out. Below, we highlight five business projects that can benefit from a temporary storage container rental so your business can stay on budget while attracting new customers.

1. Storing New and Existing Inventory

Unnecessary clutter and a lack of space can be challenging for any business, especially in a small business environment. New or current overflowing inventory can lead to disorganization and poor space management in your building. This can lead to safety hazards for employees and customers.

Renting a shipping container gives you extra storage space for inventory, merchandise and other items. A storage container rental saves on renting or building additional rooms in your building. Its quick access can also save you time. Storage containers can be placed on-site at your business property, so it’s easy for you and your employees to retrieve items. Storage containers can easily be relocated from one place to another if you have multiple locations.

Your inventory is stored safely and securely–and easily manageable when you need to restock or make space for new supplies or goods.

Two beige temporary storage containers stacked on top of each other in a storage yard.
Renting a storage container gives you additional storage space and helps your business stand out. Here, we highlight five business projects that can benefit from a temporary storage container rental.

2. Temporary Storage During a Remodel or Renovation

Remodeling or renovating a business can be stressful, with limited access to workspaces and construction background noise. These types of disruptions can lead to unproductive employees and low workplace morale. Using temporary storage containers keeps important documents and materials out of the way but still be accessed by employees.

Storage container rentals don’t always have to be for storage. Depending on your building or department size, mobile office storage containers can be used as an office without renting costly building space. And, if your mobile office and storage container are both at your primary business location, you and your employees don’t need to spend much time driving back and forth to fetch items.

3. Attending Local and Regional Events

Local and regional events are another innovative method to promote your business. For an off-site event, one of the biggest expenses for a business is the exhibition booth. It can also be costly and time-consuming to set up. With a temporary storage container, you have plenty of time to set up everything before the event. It’s also easier to transport and close when the event ends.

Pop-up shops, business events and local fairs provide excellent opportunities to promote your business to a new crowd. Temporary storage containers are a smart way to store building materials, host a pop-up shop, or have an on-site portable emergency care facility.

For example, our San Diego office used a storage container as a concession stand for the Steel Canyon Athletic Club at one of their school events. You can use portable storage containers for big-city events and more intimate local happenings. Container rentals are also ideal as trailers for concert performers and in backstage areas to keep people safe from the elements.

4. As a Mobile Showroom or Pop-Up Shop

Showcasing and displaying your product or services to customers is essential to the success of any business. Still, as customer preferences change and evolve, it’s not always as simple as advertising with traditional means. This can lead to additional spending that may fail to reach your target customer.

Over the last few years, pop-up shops have become big moneymakers for small businesses. These temporary storefronts not only help attract new and current customers, but they’re great at advertising and showcasing your brand in a new way. A storage container rental provides many options for a mobile showroom or a pop-up shop.

Temporary storage units make it easy to securely transport your products to a pop-up shop or mobile showroom. If you’re considering expanding your business to another location, a pop-up shop is a terrific way to attract attention and interest before opening a new shop. In many instances, a customized storage container can also be used as its own standalone shop.

A temporary storage container with modified dutch doors and a temperature control system.
By adding your company’s branding to your container, you can advertise your services while keeping necessary tools and equipment secure. This container features dutch doors and a temperature control system.

5. Temporary Storage to Avoid Harsh Weather

Severe weather and natural disasters can be costly for any business, whether it’s a minor power outage or significant damage to your building. If there’s major damage, you may have to remodel or relocate to another facility while construction is completed. This can delay your regular business activities and affect your bottom line. Temporary storage containers can help by putting your undamaged items in one convenient place. If your business must relocate to another location, you can use a storage container to keep important documents or records safe.

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reductions reports an increase in climate-related disasters in the past 20 years. Depending on your business location, you may experience some natural disasters yearly. For example, those in the Southwest often see annual flooding and wildfires during the summer, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage (or worse).


These five types of projects are the most common, but several uses exist for shipping storage containers. There is no limit to the possibilities. Temporary storage units provide infinite opportunities to further your business without breaking your budget. Have an idea? Are you ready to get started? Get a quote from us today!

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