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5 Advantages of Shipping Containers

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More than just a metal shell, shipping containers offer a game-changing set of benefits. Let’s unpack the 5 advantages of shipping containers that make them indispensable to companies around the world.

In this blog, we’ll cover what you need to know about what makes shipping containers valuable for affordable, portable and customizable storage.

Advantages of Shipping Containers
A storage container can help commercial businesses in various ways, like using it for a mobile office or additional storage space. Here are five advantages that a shipping container can offer your company.

5 Advantages of Shipping Containers

1. Shipping Containers Are Affordable

One of the best advantages of shipping containers is their affordability. Renting a shipping container, whether for storage or a mobile office container, is inexpensive compared to renting extra building space.

Purchasing a container is also relatively cheap, although you’d be responsible for container maintenance and repair. If you’re lacking in welding equipment and experience, renting a container might be a good option.

It’s more cost-effective to get your equipment, tools or documents from a storage container located on-site than to go back and forth between a self-storage facility.

2. Shipping Containers Are Portable

In addition to their affordability, another great advantage of shipping containers is their portability. If you’re moving between business locations or need to store furniture and equipment during a renovation, containers can keep your storage secure.

What if your new business location isn’t ready, but you can no longer occupy your old space? With containers, this is no problem. Because of their portability, you can keep your storage secure while your team waits for the new space to open.

Containers that are 20ft long or shorter can be moved with a forklift, even when loaded. Containers longer than that, although still portable, must be emptied before transport. For organizations that frequently need to move their storage, 20ft containers provide indispensable value.

3. Containers Are Versatile

Another one of the great advantages of shipping containers is that they’re useful across a wide range of industries. From busy construction sites to green energy battery sites, containers are involved in almost every sector of the economy.

Why is that? It’s because containers have a simple task: keep stored equipment protected from the outside elements and secured. There’s few industries out there that don’t have a need for secure storage.

Shipping containers are a universal toolbox of industry, a reliable and adaptable solution for any storage need, supporting both traditional industry and the high-tech operations that drive our society forward. Here’s just a few of the businesses that make use of shipping containers:

  • Construction
  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Emergency

    Two shipping containers sit next to each other beneath a light blue sky.
    Shipping containers are versatile storage options that you can modify to meet your specific needs. Take this 10ft container, which is made by cutting a 20ft shipping container in half, and adding a wall.

4. Shipping Containers Are Durable

Shipping containers are built to withstand repeated wear and tear. Designed for intense conditions on shipping vessels, freight shippers and rail lines, they hold up just as well after they’ve been decommissioned from shipping use.

See, containers aren’t made with standard steel. Because they need to resist the corrosive effects of sea water, they’re made from 14-gauge Corten steel, a type of weathering steel that prevents rust from spreading. Let’s say that your container gets a dent, chipping the paint and exposing the steel underneath.

Steel typically oxidizes, allowing rust to spread across the entire container. However, with Corten steel, rusting is limited to a thin layer on the top of the steel – called a patina. This protective layer prevents further rusting, preserving the life of your container.

5. Flexible Add-On & Modification Options

If the previous four advantages of shipping containers didn’t impress, this point might just be the best thing about these steel storage boxes. Unlike other storage options, containers can be customized to meet specific storage needs.

We offer unlimited modifications, including simple things like doors or security windows to built-ins like drafting tables, room partitions and additional security options.
Containers can take you as far as you can imagine. Need to customize a container with insulation? We can do that! What about additional ventilation options? Whatever you need, we’ve got the experience to make a custom container that meets your needs.

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