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3 Common Storage Container Problems Businesses Face In 2023

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An ISO container rental is one of the most versatile storage solutions for any business. While mostly sturdy and reliable, there are a few common storage container problems that can occur. Thankfully, these issues are minor and easily fixed. This blog post addresses three common storage container problems that users encounter most frequently and how to avoid them.

Here are 3 common storage container problems.
Storage containers provide a versatile storage option for various commercial businesses. But issues with the containers can arise from time to time. Here’s how to avoid the three most common storage container problems.

1. A Damaged or Broken Lock

One of the most common storage container problems an owner or renter may find is a damaged or broken locking mechanism. They can often get damaged and require repair to function correctly. A container with a broken or damaged lock may not secure your contents properly. No matter what you are storing, keeping your property safe is crucial.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we ensure all our storage containers are equipped with lockboxes and our Slide Bolt locking system to provide top-of-the-line security for your inventory. When you buy an SMS container, you receive customer support and service from our qualified staff. If any part of the lock is damaged, we will send a trained expert to repair it on-site.

2. Rust is a Storage Container Problem

Another big storage container problem is rust. Rust causes discoloration and can quickly turn into holes and jeopardize your contents to condensation, pests and thieves. Thankfully, rust and corrosion are easy fixes. However, removing rust from a refurbished storage container is something not all our competitors do. At other companies, returned containers are often painted over, and the rust is not removed. This not only causes rust issues to be covered, but the paint can later chip off, adding to fees your construction company might have to pay during or after your rental.

Our expert team can restore most rusty metal surfaces with the correct preparation and some primer. As outlined in our cleaning process, we ensure that our storage container rentals are free of rust before we paint them so that you don’t run into problems during your rental. If you have a rust issue, you must contact your dedicated SMS account manager and let them know about it.

3. Nobody Likes Random Odors

One of the most noticeable storage container problems is a foul smell. You may notice an odor, depending on what the shipping container was used to transport. Strange odors in your shipping container can mean several things. There may be spillage or residue that is causing an odor, or it could be a lingering stale smell. Always rent your shipping container from a reputable company that prides itself on cleanliness.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, our containers undergo a rigorous cleaning procedure to ensure they are clean and have no strange odors. During COVID-19, we upgraded our process to protect our customers and staff better. Those efforts continue today.

Our process works like this:

  1. Our quality staff inspects each container for damage and cleanliness when it returns to our facility.
  2. We use a heated, high-pressure washer to clean the outside and inside of the container before repairs begin (if any are needed).
  3. We do a second outer cleaning once repairs are done. Then, we move it indoors for a new paint job (if necessary).
  4. We store the container in a safe environment until it is ready to use again.

Storage Container Problems Recap

Storage containers are cost effective and can increase the storage space for your construction company. Avoiding these three critical issues – damaged locks, rust and strange odors – will ensure your containers satisfy all your commercial or construction needs. Now that you’ve learned about these common storage container problems, it’s essential to know how to keep your shipping container secure at your business location or on the job site.

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