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Modifying Shipping Containers For Your Construction Projects

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Modifying a shipping container for your construction projects generates new possibilities for your business beyond convenient storage. For example, construction container modifications can improve public safety and create essential spaces for your workers, which aid your business. A modified shipping container for construction projects can include adding doors, windows, or shelves. These are common customizations, but you can go further by adding electricity, workbenches, HVAC and much more.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to modifying containers. As a result, the benefits to your construction business are unlimited, too. Container modifications aren’t a new concept, but are becoming more commonplace. Construction projects have long-used storage containers. However, customized containers provide an additional opportunity to keep workers and the public safe.

For example, an on-site medical first-aid container can provide quick access to bandages, Band-Aids, antiseptic, and first-aid kits without mixing them with other essential items. Another option is having an on-site workshop, which allows for easy adjustments on materials without the need to head back to a workshop office, thus saving time and money.

In this blog, we’ll showcase five container modification ideas you can use for your construction projects.

A construction container with a modified window HVAC system attached to the back wall.
A shipping container modified with HVAC can provide relief from extreme cold or heat at a construction site.

5 Ideas for Construction Container Modifications

1. Superintendent and Foreman Offices

Mobile offices are the most common type of construction container modifications. A construction site superintendent needs a comfortable indoor space to work from to keep your project organized and on track. Mobile offices give construction site management an on-site office environment, allowing for greater site control and supervision. It also provides a professional space to interview prospective employees or meet important clients for a site tour.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we can modify a container to add doors, windows, insulation and HVAC. We can also install desks, shelving and electrical wiring to make it a fully functional on-site workspace. During off hours, a locked container will keep your blueprints and other documents secure from theft and bad weather.

2. Employee Break Rooms

Mental health issues are a growing concern in the construction industry because many workers will often under-report or never report any mental health issues that may be affecting them. When your employees struggle with their physical or mental health, it decreases their productivity and morale, increasing the risk of turnover, mistakes and delays. This can reflect poorly on your company and may even cost you money or key personnel.

A modified shipping container can be an employee break room at your construction site. To create a break room, you can customize a construction container to add a refrigerator, HVAC unit, lighting, electricity and tables and chairs for your employees to relax and refocus before returning to work. A break room allows workers a place to get out of the sun and relax for a few minutes before returning to their duties, keeping them healthy and productive.

3. Locker Rooms

You can easily modify a construction container to create an on-site locker room for your crew to have a convenient, secure place for their belongings. Like a break room, locker rooms can help boost employee morale and provide a place for your workers to store essential items without fear of losing or damaging them. When your construction project is far from your crews’ homes, they need a place to store personal items like phones, clothing and medication. Locker rooms are perfect for this. Plus, a locker room can also function as a break room.

A construction container with roll-up door modifications.
You can modify a construction container with a convenient roll-up door, so you can quickly load and unload equipment.

4. On-Site Tool Crib

One of the most common construction container modifications is creating a space to store tools at a worksite. A tool crib is a space to keep tools organized and secure. An on-site tool crib keeps your tools, equipment and supplies safe at the construction site and during transportation. Theft is a considerable problem for construction sites, especially those in more remote locations. Theft of essential items can slow production and increase costs as things need to be replaced. At SMS, our shipping containers have a multi-point locking system to secure your items.

A tool crib can help keep all your tools organized. A cluttered workspace can lead to costly mistakes, but storing your business tools and equipment in on-site storage containers will help you stay organized, free up space and increase security. Whether you want to keep your business equipment permanently or temporarily, our range of mobile storage containers gives you the flexibility to expand anytime.

You can customize a portable office to get specific features that help your business. You can add shelving and more for organized, convenient storage with the utmost efficiency your business demands. Popular modifications include adding gorilla racks, pipe racks, desks, a folding plan table, filing cabinets, HVAC and spray-foam insulation.

5. Pedestrian Walkways and Bridges

Not having accessible routes for the public can create hazards for walkers, bikers and runners. This is especially true during active areas or roadwork projects. In the case of any accidents, your company could be held liable, costing you money, time and headaches. While detours can be helpful, they can often take people out of their usual way, which can be inconvenient. So, people in a rush may choose to trespass on your construction site, creating hazards and possibly delaying your project.

Modifying a construction container as pedestrian walkways and bridges help direct traffic around or past building zones without endangering the public or your project. This creates safe spaces for walkers, bikes, and joggers that keep them away from on-site hazards while providing an easy route to their destination.

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