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How Your Jobsite Can Beat The Heat With a Cooling Station

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Work doesn’t stop on your construction site just because the temperature rises. But heat still impacts your workers and their experience on the jobsite. During hot weather, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your team from the scorching heat. One of the most effective ways to do this is by setting up construction cooling stations.

In this blog, we’ll explore the effects of heat on the job site, the importance of heat acclimatization, and practical tips for preventing heat exhaustion. We’ll also delve into what cooling stations are, how you can obtain one for your job site, and why they are essential for maintaining safety and productivity during hot weather.

Effects of Heat on the Job site

The sweltering heat of summer can have a profound impact on a variety of job sites. High temperatures can lead to a range of health issues for your team, from heat exhaustion to heatstroke. These conditions are not just uncomfortable but can also be life-threatening if left unaddressed.

Heat can sap your workers’ energy and concentration, making accidents more likely. Dehydration, heat rash, and cramps are common consequences of working in hot conditions. Prolonged exposure to extended periods of high temperatures can even result in organ damage or failure.

In addition to physical health concerns, heat can also affect morale. Discomfort and excessive sweating can lead to frustration and decreased job satisfaction, potentially leading to higher staff turnover.

What is a Construction Cooling Station?

A cooling station is a designated area on your construction site where workers can take refuge from the heat to cool down.

You can easily add a cooling station to your job site by renting a mobile office from Southwest Mobile Storage. These offices provide an indoor, air-conditioned room to help workers recover from the effects of heat exposure. To make your construction cooling station even more effective, you could put seating and cold water in the office.

Cooling stations can be strategically placed across the job site to ensure that workers don’t have to walk far to find relief from the heat. They serve as a safe haven for employees to rest, rehydrate and recharge.

The interior of a mobile office. There is flourescent lighting on the ceiling, a small HVAC unit, electrical wiring and a barred window.
Cooling stations are a part of heat management strategy, helping you safeguarding your workforce from heat-related issues and maintaining work schedules even in hot summer conditions.

Benefits of a Cooling Station

Mitigate Health Risks

High temperatures pose serious health risks to your team, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. A construction cooling station can help mitigate these risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of your workers. This can also reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims.

This benefit is especially important for new employees that aren’t heat acclimated. Heat acclimatization is a process in which the body gradually adapts to hot conditions. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your workers. When you’re introducing someone to the team, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on them during the first two weeks to identify heat-related risks before they arise.

Cooling stations can play a critical role in your heat stress and acclimatization plans, helping your staff mitigate health concerns while on the job.

Reduce Mistakes

Studies have shown that a worker’s ability to react quickly is dramatically reduced by dehydration and heat stress. High temperatures affect learning and cognition negatively and increase the likelihood of non-heat related mistakes and injuries. On hot days, lacerations occur more frequently, and workers encounter heightened risk of accidents from environmental agents, like hazardous chemicals and substances.

Job sites are already high-risk and become even more hazardous when temperatures get hotter. In addition to these mistakes, equipment can also be unreliable when temperatures get too hot, with heat negatively impacting the lifespan of various products, most notably sensitive electronics.

Enhance Productivity

Comfortable workers are more productive. When your team doesn’t have to constantly battle the heat, they can focus better on their tasks. Fewer breaks for heat relief mean more time spent on actual work, which can boost overall job site efficiency.

A ground-level office made from a shipping container. There is a personnel door in the center, two barred windows to either side, and a bright blue sign that reads "Southwest Mobile Storage"
Efficient cooling stations should be integrated into the construction site’s layout, ensuring that workers can take short breaks to cool down and hydrate, enhancing productivity and comfort.

How Can You Get a Cooling Station for your Job site?

Getting a cooling station for your job site is a wise investment in your workers’ safety and well-being. Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Assess Your Site

Start by assessing your construction site to determine the best locations for cooling stations. Consider factors like proximity to work areas, electrical access and the number of workers in each area.

2. Get a Construction Cooling Station Quote

Getting a quote is a simple process. Give us a call or contact us and you’ll be connected with a sales representative who can address any questions you have and provide you with pricing.

3. Schedule Delivery

After reviewing your quote, plan to have your container delivered. Ensure that the route to your preferred location is clear of debris or gates that may impede the access of our delivery truck. We try to give advanced notice before we arrive, allowing you to better schedule your work around our delivery. You can contact your dedicated sales representative to discuss payment and delivery options.

4. Set Up Your Cooling Station

Setting up a construction cooling station is easy. After the container is delivered, you’ll want to connect power and ensure that outlets, lighting and HVAC are working properly. Stock the cooling station with cool drinks, additional sets of breathable clothing and wide-brimmed hats that staff can use.

5. Train Your Team

Ensure that your workers are aware of the cooling stations’ locations and the importance of using them. Train them on recognizing the signs of heat-related illnesses and the appropriate steps to take if they or their colleagues are affected.

6. Encourage Use

Encourage your workers to use the cooling stations. Emphasize that taking breaks in a cooling station is not a sign of weakness or laziness but a proactive measure to protect their health.

A truck with its bed tilted, pushing a mobile office off the back.
Cooling stations strategically placed across the construction site offer respite for workers during scorching summer days, promoting safety and well-being.


As temperatures rise, the safety and well-being of workers become paramount for managers. Heat-related illnesses can have serious consequences, both for individuals and for the productivity of your job site. Implementing heat acclimatization programs and providing cooling stations are effective ways to combat the adverse effects of heat on your workforce.

Construction cooling stations offer a refuge from searing heat, allowing workers to rest, re-hydrate and recharge. By following the tips outlined in this blog and investing in cooling stations, you can create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your team.

Remember, a well-prepared and cared-for workforce is not only more productive but also more likely to stay loyal and committed to your projects, even during the hottest months of the year.

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