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Shipping Container Modifications With SMS

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Container modifications come in all shapes and sizes. From restaurants to schools, construction sites, hospitals and more, plenty of individuals, businesses and organizations can benefit from a custom storage container. You may wonder what modifications Southwest Mobile Storage (SMS) can add to a container or what modifications are the most common. In this article, we’ll discuss how we modify containers and why you might want to consider container modifications for your next project. We’ll also look closer at one current customer helping change the world with container modifications we provided.

Why Choose Container Modifications?

Our modifications customize an ISO steel shipping container to solve a particular problem better. Modifications ensure your container is personalized for the work you need most. For example, you might want to add something as simple as a personnel door to make your container easier to get in and out of.

It’s all about modifying to make your container truly your own. If you’re using your container to store something unique, it can help to list some changes that might make your life easier. Storage racks might be a godsend if you keep wires and cables as a construction contractor. If you’re looking to store equipment, you might find additional shelves and cabinets valuable.

A Modified Container Case Study

We provide container modifications for a company in California that oversees wastewater treatment services and helps industries transition to more sustainable water management techniques. It works with food and beverage companies to reduce pollutants from industrial wastewater, removing organic material. Its system can remove as much as 1,600 pounds of carbon through microbial fuel cells stored in our custom shipping containers. In some cases, the cleaned wastewater can even be reused on-site. The company has worked with big players in the consumer-packaged goods industry to solve its wastewater challenges.

We provided this customer with various container modifications, including electrical wiring, lighting, spray foam insulation, ventilation, HVAC, paint and more. So why did they choose a modified shipping container to house their wastewater treatment technology? There are three reasons why.

1. Temperature-Controlled Unit

There’s plenty to love about traditional storage containers, but there are many benefits to customizing a container for a specific project. Modifying containers by adding HVAC equipment can moderate the inside temperature of your container.

The wastewater treatment system our client modified houses a lot of hardware, which can get hot if they’re not careful. A climate-controlled system was critical to maintaining an efficient operation, so it was a high priority of our modification work.

However, temperature control isn’t just useful for electronics. It can also help keep stored materials of all kinds well preserved.

We also commonly add HVAC systems into mobile offices, opening opportunities for cost-efficient office expansion. When your container gets a lot of foot traffic or houses temperature-sensitive materials, it might be wise to invest in temperature controlled solutions to maintain an ideal temperature.

2. Mobility

Wastewater treatment is nothing new; it’s been a significant part of pollution control since the 1900s. The growth of urban industry required the removal of toxic pollutants from wastewater. This caused wastewater facilities to expand to deal with higher demand. They required excessive energy and wastewater to be hauled to another location to be processed. This situation was expensive and wasteful for everyone involved.

When our customer contacted us with their plans for container modifications, we knew that they would need a mobile solution to provide their customers with on-site wastewater treatment. That means less downtime and hassle for both parties.

Containers can be transported with a forklift or on the back of a truck. They can be quickly delivered where they’re needed most. They’re structurally solid and can take a beating from severe weather, ensuring everything stored inside stays safe and secure.

3. Our Modification Expertise

We have a 90,000 sq. ft. facility at our Phoenix headquarters and have a combined 500 years of experience with steel container modifications. We’ve done thousands of projects, from complex customizations for NASA and the US Navy to projects with the City of Los Angeles, GCP Applied Technologies, Sundt Construction and more.

When customers work with us, they work with a team that’s seen a thing or two and has their share of container modification experience. If you have an idea for a custom container, our team has the skills to make it a reality. We do container modifications the right way.

Two Southwest Mobile Storage fabricators work on a container, welding and cutting the steel to prepare it for container modifications.
Two Southwest Mobile Storage fabricators work on a container, welding and cutting the steel to prepare it for the addition of custom windows and doors. From simple paint jobs to complex container projects, our team has the experience to create a container that’s custom-made for your organization’s needs.

Popular Shipping Container Modifications

Some people want to modify a container to add something simple to help customize it for specific needs. For instance, plumbers and contractors like to customize containers with pipe racks. This modification allows them to organize their full-length pipes, PVC and tubing off the floor in a more accessible location.

Storage is an everyday use for containers, so you may want to invest in organized storage solutions. Our filing cabinet add-on is an excellent choice if you want to store files and keep them in good condition. We also offer adjustable gorilla racks to organize tools and equipment.

We also commonly paint containers. Changing the color of your container has many benefits. For instance, a light colored container will have a cooler internal temperature than one that’s darker. Painting your container a lighter color can regulate the internal temperature if the outside temperature gets too hot. Adding spray insulation can make your temperature control even more precise and reduce heating and cooling costs. When you paint custom containers, you give your business 24/7 promotion that you only pay for once. Displaying your brand logo next to your store’s location can be an excellent way of introducing new customers to your business.

Whether you want to add minor customizations that save time and energy or create a something special for a big project, Southwest Mobile Storage has your back. Talk with us today about your custom container need, and we can make your dreams a reality. Let’s create something great together!

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