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Motor Racing Team Creates Innovative HQ From Shipping Containers

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If your motor racing team is looking for better ways to promote and market your brand, then a modified steel container could be an exciting option to help customers to engage with you. Using modified containers lets you fully design and customize your motorsport team’s unique style. This is what champion rally racer Ken Block did with the home office of his Hoonigan Racing Division in Park City, Utah. In this shipping container spotlight, we’ll examine Hoonigan Racing and detail why using customized containers separates this racing team from the competition.

Hoonigan Racing headquarters in Utah.
“I wanted to build a fun and inspirational creative space that would not only reset the industry standard for a motorsports facility but also have a place that rivaled the modern workspaces of top ad agencies,” said Hoonigan Racing founder Ken Block. (Photo courtesy Hoonigan Racing Division.)

Who Is Hoonigan Racing?

Hoonigan Racing Division is an iconic motorsport team known for its high-octane performances and adrenaline-fueled driving style. Originally founded by Ken Block in 2010 as Monster World Rally Team, the team quickly became a leading force in rally racing. It was renamed Hoonigan Racing Division in 2012 after teaming with automaker Ford. The team’s name, “Hoonigan,” is derived from hooning, which refers to driving recklessly or performing stunts with a vehicle. This name perfectly encapsulates the team’s philosophy and passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible behind the wheel.

Hoonigan Racing Division’s state-of-the-art headquarters serves as the hub for their racing and creative endeavors. A dedicated crew of mechanics, engineers and support staff comprise the team, who work tirelessly to ensure their vehicles are always at peak performance. The team has competed in various motorsport disciplines, including the FIA World Rally Championship, Global Rallycross Championship and the American Rally Association.

Impact Outside of Motorsports

Apart from their on-track performances, Hoonigan Racing Division has significantly impacted popular culture. Their captivating videos and social media presence have amassed a massive following of fans worldwide. Block’s charismatic persona and daredevil driving style helped bring motorsports to a broader audience and inspire a new generation of enthusiasts.

Beyond racing, Hoonigan Racing Division has expanded into other ventures. They have collaborated with various automotive and lifestyle brands, releasing apparel, accessories and a line of automotive performance parts. These collaborations have further cemented the team’s position as a prominent influencer in motorsports. Moreover, the team actively engages with fans through their wildly successful Hoonigan YouTube channel. There, the team shares behind-the-scenes footage, innovative car builds and entertaining motorsports content. Hoonigan Racing’s direct interaction with their audience has fostered a dedicated community of passionate fans eagerly anticipating each new endeavor.

A look inside Hoonigan Racing Division headquarters in Utah.
The Hoonigan Racing headquarters is split into two spaces, with one side comprising a creative office space with separate marketing and administration departments. (Photo courtesy Hoonigan Racing Division.)

Hoonigan Racing’s Container Headquarters

When Block signed a partnership with Ford in 2012, Hoonigan Racing Division was born. The team began to look at creating a unique environment that was environmentally friendly but also had the flexibility to make additions to it without having to construct a traditional building. Block and his team eventually decided to use 17 modified shipping containers to build the new company headquarters.

Ultimately, Block wanted a facility that could inspire his employees and foster creativity. The result was an inviting, one-of-a-kind workspace that included a ping-pong table and entertainment area with a bar. The shop was designed with the feel and functionality of a World Rally Championship-level facility, yet provided ample space for the team’s array of vehicles.

“I wanted to build a fun and inspirational creative space that would not only reset the industry standard for a motorsports facility but also have a place that rivaled the modern workspaces of top ad agencies,” Block said.

The facility is split into two distinct spaces. One side has a creative office space with separate marketing and administration departments. On the other side is a top-level workshop serving the team’s race cars. The building itself boasts:

  • 12,000 square feet of space
  • Two stories tall
  • 10 refrigerators
  • 1 giant stuffed bear

The racing team also promotes their partnerships by proudly displaying their logos around the office.

Remembering Ken Block

A full-size image of Hoonigan Racing Division founder Ken Block.
While Ken Block achieved notable success in rallying, he is also recognized for his contributions to popular culture. (Photo courtesy Hoonigan Racing Division.)

Ken Block was an accomplished rally racer and entrepreneur. Born Nov. 21, 1967, in Long Beach, Calif., Block began his racing career in 2005 when he competed in the Rally America National Championship. He quickly gained recognition for his exceptional driving skills and definitive driving style. Block’s breakthrough moment came when he co-founded the Hoonigan Racing Division.

Block competed in various rally championships throughout his career, including the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and the American Rally Association (ARA). He drove for renowned teams such as Subaru Rally Team USA and Ford Performance.

His signature car, the Ford Fiesta, has become synonymous with his racing success.

While Block achieved notable success in rallying, including podium finishes and stage victories, he is also recognized for his contributions to popular culture. His Gymkhana videos have garnered millions of views online, showcasing his skills and captivating viewers with his captivating driving style and daring stunts.

Block passed away on Jan. 2, 2023, at the age of 55. He was involved in a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Woodland, Utah. Reports from the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department revealed that the accident occurred when Block’s snowmobile overturned on a steep slope, ultimately landing on top of him. Sadly, Block was declared dead at the scene.

In honor of Block and as a gesture of respect, his number 43 was retired from the World Rally Championship for the 2023 season. In the wake of his passing, the Hoonigan Racing team shared a heartfelt statement on social media. They expressed their deepest regrets and acknowledged Block as a visionary, pioneer and icon.


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