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Containers For Green Energy Storage

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Almost nothing demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of our world more than the explosive growth of green energy. From large wind and solar farms to hydroelectric and more, the industry’s ascent has been rapid. However, there’s several problems that threaten to slow that progress. The most notable of which is the issue of energy storage.

In this blog, we’ll cover what Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) is, how it can assist in stabilizing energy grids, and how the utilities, grid operators and renewable developers that are innovating on this issue can reduce the costs of building custom battery storage.

What is BESS?

BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage System. These systems are essential because wind and solar farms have periods of reduced energy generation. When the wind dies down, or the sun sets, energy grids still need to provide power to those that need it.

Batteries act as an energy reserve, storing energy during low-demand periods and releasing it during peak demand. We call this peak shaving. It can mitigate the usage of peaking power plants, which generate consistent energy when renewable sources are experiencing reduced energy generation.

Because most peaking power plants are either gas turbines or engines that burn natural gas, BESS systems can be a boon for green energy creators, assisting in the transition from high-emission plants to more sustainable energy generation methods.

Where BESS Can Make a Difference

The inside of a modified southwest mobile storage container. The walls and ceiling are made of fire-retardant plywood.
After adding insulation, we add a 3/4″ fire-retardant-treated plywood to the inside walls and ceiling of the container.

People use BESS in a wide variety of circumstances, stabilizing the grid, engaging in peak shaving and regulating frequencies.

People can also use it in emergency response systems. For instance, reserve power stored in BESS is utilized during black starts to activate the main power generators following a shutdown. This reduces the power provider’s reliance on diesel generators that otherwise would have been used to quick start the plant.

Being able to restart after a blackout is imperative, especially for wind farms, which require external electricity before they can generate power again. While pumped storage hydropower (PSH) still accounts for a majority of energy storage in the United States, BESS is more versatile and can be placed in a wider variety of locations than PSH.

Additionally, while BESS systems have about 1/3 the energy capacity of PSH, they have significantly shorter discharge time, which can provide immediate assistance when demand surges past energy production.

The following is a list of the ways in which BESS can impact various economic sectors.

Electric Generation & Distribution

As renewable energy develops and replaces older and more power generators, batteries are essential to ensure that solar parks and wind farms can meet their energy needs.

If utilities and grid operators want to maximize the value of renewable energy, they need to invest in battery energy storage. These solutions become even more important when those decision-makers target net zero carbon production, gradually cutting the use of fossil-fuels.

Commercial & Medical Uses

The inside of a modified shipping container. It has been customized with rigid insulation boards.
The first step we take when customizing a container for energy storage is adding insulation. These rigid, foil-faced boards insulate the interior of the container, and function as a barrier against water, vapor and air.

BESS are also important for commercial development. With the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, battery storage solutions are necessary to alleviate pressure on the electrical grid. In rural areas, BESS are especially crucial to support the advancements electric vehicles continue to make in the consumer market.

In addition to EV infrastructure, hospitals and public infrastructure can use BESS to provide emergency power to critical operations. They demand large amounts of power and can’t accept downtime during emergencies. Because of this, they currently use on-site power generators to ensure they can remain powered, even during blackouts.

However, just like the solar parks and wind farms we mentioned in the previous section, hospitals and healthcare facilities currently burn fossil fuels. This puts them at odds with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ target to halve emissions by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050.

BESS currently can’t replace the need for hospitals to have an emergency generator, but it can help healthcare operations reduce their emissions by reducing the size/output of their diesel generator.

In addition to climate considerations, BESS can reduce cost fluctuations and improve the resiliency of hospital microgrids.

Gas Exploration, Mining & Construction

By adding BESS alongside renewable green energy production, mining operations can similarly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, modernizing the industry and reducing the risk that their operations will be impacted by future climate regulations.

This strategic combination offers a dual advantage – minimizing the carbon footprint of mining activities and insulating operations from potential regulatory constraints. With BESS acting as a reliable energy reservoir, mining companies gain the flexibility to adapt to stringent environmental standards while ensuring a sustainable and uninterruptible power supply.

Why Containers Are the Perfect Housing for Green Energy Storage Solutions

Shipping containers are useful for BESS for several reasons. Primarily, they’re incredibly cheap when compared to the cost of building a structure from scratch.

Additionally, they’re easily modified, allowing energy producers to customize the interior for the specific battery layout that they need.

The inside of an insulated southwest mobile storage container. It is intended for use in green energy storage.
The final container is ready for our customer’s proprietary batteries to be stored inside. This unit also used an A/C unit for temperature regulation (not shown).

How Southwest Mobile Storage Can Help Your Green Energy Company

While our company doesn’t produce lithium-ion batteries, we’re experts at shipping container modifications. From fire-resistant interiors to insulated partitions, ventilation and HVAC, we’ll provide a battery storage solution that not only meets your industry’s specific safety standards but also ensures optimal functionality.

Why We’re Trusted

Green energy companies know they’re getting an experienced fabrication team with a proven track record when they choose us. Our team of fabricators has worked with large solar park and wind farm operators, ensuring seamless integration of our modified containers into green energy projects.

With a track record in the renewable energy sector, our fabrication team understands the unique requirements and challenges associated with solar and wind installations.

Whether you need a modular setup for easy scalability, additional security measures or specialized monitoring systems, our team is ready to collaborate with you to create a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.


The impact of BESS spans various economic sectors, offering grid stability, supporting electric vehicle infrastructure, and aiding emergency power in critical facilities. In mining, BESS furthers industry modernization, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and aligning operations with future climate regulations.

Containers, cost-effective and easily modifiable, provide ideal housing for lithium-ion batteries, protecting them from environmental degradation. Interested in learning more about how we can fabricate a custom BESS container for your operations? Contact us today.

Our dedicated sales representatives can answer any questions you have and can provide you with price estimates after receiving your design drawings.

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