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How a Shipping Container Can Offer Secure and Trendy Garden Storage

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When you’re new to gardening, you might not have enough tools to need garden storage. Perhaps you started a garden to grow fresh, nutritious produce on your own, or want to develop your gardening habit into a full-time business.

But now you have more equipment than you used to, and that equipment isn’t cheap. You might be curious how you can secure your gardening tools in a long-term storage solution.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how shipping containers provide effective garden storage, the components that make shipping containers secure, and how they can help gardeners focus on growing their plants.

How Can a Shipping Container Help Gardeners Store and Secure Equipment?

Shipping containers can maintain their condition despite outside weather conditions, ensuring the protection of stored materials inside.

If they can endure rough storms and corrosive ocean air, you bet containers can handle whatever your garden throws at it!

Gardeners use a wide variety of equipment, from shovels to trimmers, aerators, mulchers and more. When you’re not using that equipment, it needs to have a secure place to stay until you need to use it again.

Shipping containers can keep out harsh winds, rain and damaging pests. Their thick rubber gaskets effectively block moisture from entering, while the container’s side vents are equipped with wire mesh to deter insects from infiltrating.

Shipping containers also come in various sizes, allowing gardeners to choose one that suits their needs. Whether you have a small collection of tools or an extensive array of machinery, you can find a container that provides ample space while keeping your equipment clean, organized and accessible.

Here are some of the most valuable container components that make them effective at keeping your storage protected.

The door of a shipping container. There are three locking bars that go down the cargo doors of the container, and a lock box for enhanced security.
These are the cargo doors on our rental container. In addition to traditional locks on the locking bar hasps, we utilize a space for a puck lock, and you can secure an extra long padlock inside the lock box for added security.

Locking Bars

One of the key components that contribute to the security of shipping containers is locking bars. These heavy-duty metal bars are often welded to the container’s doors.

Locking bars serve as an additional layer of security, reinforcing the doors and making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to force their way in. They are designed to withstand substantial force and tampering attempts but can only provide protection when combined with our next container component.

Container Locks

Our rental containers come equipped with locking bars along with other security features that make break-ins difficult.

For one, we install a slide bolt system on our rental containers to house a puck lock, which is more secure than a traditional padlock. These locks have an enclosed shackle and a recessed keyhole, making it much more difficult to break into.

Additionally, we install an extra long lock box on rental storage containers, which you can secure with a 2in long neck padlock.

Most container crooks want an easy in-and-out job. If they don’t know what’s inside the container, breaking through several locks is likely not worth the risk. If you want to buy a container instead of renting one, we can add these enhanced security features to your purchase.

Additions That Make Garden Storage Easier

The best thing about shipping containers is their versatility. Want to customize a container to make storing and organizing your equipment easier? You can add tool hooks, cabinets and more. A specific modification that might make your gardening easier is adding a roll-up door to your container.

Racks & Shelving to Maximize Your Space

Garden equipment is plentiful, and you need to make sure that it’s cleaned and organized so it’s easier to access what you need, when you need it. Shelving units create layers of tool organization while leaving floor space open for storing oversized equipment.

When you have an organized storage space, the hobby of gardening is a lot more enjoyable. Instead of trying to find your tools again, you can get right to work without having to worry that you’ve lost something.

The wall of a modified shipping container that includes hooks for specialized garden storage.
In addition to shelving and racks, you can add hooks, cages, and other additions that may serve your specific garden storage needs.

Ventilation to Reduce Condensation

Another modification that might benefit your garden storage is adding ventilation. This is because gardens tend to be more humid than other areas of your yard. Ventilation allows the container to breathe, regulating temperature and humidity levels inside.

Wind turbines, louvers and other ventilation options can be very useful to your garden project. If you plan to store moisture-sensitive items, proper ventilation can reduce the chance of mold, mildew and other types of damage.

Insulation for Cold Weather Protection

On the other hand, gardens with more prevalent cold periods might need insulation.

We offer various insulation options to add to your garden storage container. Some of the most requested ones include Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso), Expanded Polystyrene (XPS), and Polyurethane spray foam insulation.

These materials are chosen for their excellent performance when used within shipping containers. They provide a solid seal, meaning the inside of your container will experience fewer temperature fluctuations.


When you’re looking for a garden storage solution, there’s not a more secure alternative for the price you pay than a shipping container. Shipping containers are widely used across a variety of industries, and for good reason: They keep storage protected and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

If you need a shipping container to keep your equipment protected, get in contact with a sales representative today. They can provide you with a quote, and address any questions you may have about delivery, modification and more.

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