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How Hardware Store Shipping Containers Can Boost Business

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Your hardware store is a haven for construction workers, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. However, as your business grows, you may need to increase your on-site storage capacity to accommodate new inventory or conveniently store extra stock. A hardware store shipping container is a practical and low-cost solution to your needs. A shipping container at your hardware store can house more oversized items like lawnmowers, fertilizer spreaders, scaffolding, plumbing supplies, lumber and large power tools.

Moreover, it gives you a spot to offer new services like key cutting or engine repair. Also, you can store inventory for deliveries or pick-up orders, so your showroom isn’t so cluttered. You can even use a hardware store shipping container to enhance your customers’ shopping experience by providing a workshop or extra space to test tools and supplies. This post highlights how your hardware store can benefit from renting or buying shipping containers.

Hardware store shipping containers feature tool storage.
A shipping container for your hardware store allows you to offer more choices for customers.

6 Hardware Store Shipping Container Advantages

Whether you own a small corner store or a major corporate chain store, adding a shipping storage container at your hardware store can provide more efficiency, convenience and a professional look that separates you from your competitors. But that’s not all. Here are six benefits of adding a shipping container to your hardware store.

1. Storing Extra Stock

Hardware stores often receive an influx of inventory to maintain their stock. It can cause clutter within the store, reducing the space capacity and restricting the movement of employees and customers, especially at a small location. Shipping containers are an additional storage space for your hardware store, giving you more cubic footage without building an extra room or moving to a larger building. It’s also convenient to restock items, as the storage container is on your property, minimizing the time necessary to bring things back to the store.

2. Offering New Inventory

A hardware store shipping container can help you showcase new tools, paint or other equipment without disrupting your current location. You can store larger summer gear like farming equipment, lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, hoses and pool equipment, and in-demand items like ladders, lawn furniture and barbecue grills. In the winter, a storage container can provide extra space for:

  • Front-loaders
  • Snow plows
  • Snow blowers
  • Shovels
  • Ice melt and sand
  • Holiday overstock

With a shipping container, it’s also easy to store summer items during the winter and vice-versa.

Shipping containers are waterproof and can protect your precious goods from the elements. Does your hardware carry cat or dog food? How about feed for larger farm animals like cattle or horses? You can keep your feed bags dry and fresh with a storage container. Also, containers are secure and can be locked up to protect your inventory during off hours.

How Hardware Store Shipping Containers Improve Business
A shipping container provides extra space for bulky seasonal items like Christmas trees and holiday inflatables. It can also be used as a gift-wrapping station!

3. To Provide New Services

With a few modifications, your hardware store shipping container can be the perfect space to showcase your new services. If you’re looking to expand your services, you can use a shipping container for:

  • Pipe cutting and threading
  • Key copying
  • Knife and scissor sharpening
  • Potting plants
  • Propane tank rentals and exchanges
  • Glass Cutting
  • Window shade cutting
  • Custom window treatments
  • Carpet cleaning equipment rentals
  • Custom-made signs
  • Screen repair
  • Engine repair
  • Gift-wrapping station

4. As a Workshop

Another popular function for a hardware store shipping container is as an on-site workshop. Adding a workshop to your hardware store allows customers to sample or test items. For example, your staff can mix paint samples to get the perfect color for customers. Afterward, you can show them what the paint looks like when applied to a given surface. You can also use a hardware store shipping container to store wood and other items that need to stay dry. Moreover, it is an excellent location for cutting wood as it keeps wood shavings off your showroom floor.

5. As an Office Workspace

Additionally, your hardware store can use mobile office containers for administrative tasks or even as satellite locations. Using a shipping container rental can eliminate the cost of renting more office space or buying an additional office. You can modify containers to be a workplace environment with open-and-close windows, electricity, and air conditioning and heating. Plus, you can add professional flooring, desks, shelving and more. A temporary workspace is perfect if you need to increase space for your additional staff during the holiday rush.

6. As a Pop-Up Shop

Want to expand your business and reach new markets? Consider a hardware store pop-up shop made from a shipping container. A pop-up shop is a temporary storefront where you can display various items and reach a new audience. Promote your brand and attract new customers in a new, innovative way. Specifically, you can paint the outside with your brand colors and logo and create a hip indoor space that will have customers talking.

Pop-up shops are perfect for the hardware store that wants to:

  • Be a regular at the local farmers market
  • Have a presence at large public gatherings
  • Have a store within a store
  • Attend arts and crafts fairs
  • Have a reusable booth for the local and state fair
  • Create a dedicated holiday shop

Modified Hardware Store Shipping Containers

When you purchase a shipping container for your hardware store from Southwest Mobile Storage, you can fully customize your container with windows, doors, electricity, running water and HVAC. If you can dream it, we can modify it. Please request a quote and share your idea with us. We will review your details and a live representative will contact you directly.

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