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Healthcare Storage Solutions for Hospitals

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Healthcare storage solutions help hospitals and medical offices save space, control inventory, manage costs and improve patient care. The less time hospital staff spends looking for inventory, the more time they have to apply their medical knowledge to treat patients. Timely and efficient care can mean the difference between life and death, which is why implementing feasible healthcare storage solutions is crucial for hospitals, surgical centers and doctors’ offices.

At a busy hospital, finding extra space to store essential items can be challenging for inventory managers because some supplies need to be close at hand and easily accessible. Medical facilities often need healthcare storage solutions for patient records, pharmacy items or sterile items. A portable storage unit is an affordable and secure alternative to keep supplies nearby so they are available immediately. This article examines how using healthcare storage solutions from Southwest Mobile Storage can help your organization achieve its goals.

healthcare storage solutions for hospitals
A mobile storage container helps hospitals keep essential items close at hand.

Protect Items from Weather and Pests

Hospitals need to store a wide range of supplies: gloves and PPE, medical beds, sheets, materials with precise temperature control and much more. Items can become lost, spoiled or damaged with improper storage, requiring staff to scramble to replace them. That’s frustrating and exhausting for your hardworking team.

Shipping containers are wind and watertight. That means they’re guaranteed to protect stored materials against harsh weather and won’t allow pests inside. While these portable storage units likely aren’t your primary inventory solution, they can provide an overflow valve for when inside storage gets cramped.

Healthcare Storage Solutions Allow More Time for Patients

Nurses spend a lot of time doing supply-related tasks. The Johns Hopkins Hospital estimated that these activities take 20 percent of nurses’ time, with much of this spent locating products. Therefore, reducing time spent on non-care-related tasks helps raise the standard of patient care. Portable storage units can free up valuable space close to patients.

Supply chain problems can bog down even the most efficient organization. When you have a problem in your storage system and must resort to scrambling for new space, it can have a larger effect than you might realize. Organizing your supply chain process will help reduce staff stress and can play a part in retaining key staff.

Your nurses will thank you when they spend less time navigating a tight space to find specific products and have more time to focus on providing your patients with excellent care.

Portable Storage Containers Are Versatile

Containers are flexible, providing storage in places other solutions can’t. Portable storage units can be easily transported, opening opportunities to store items in varied locations. Their steel construction and ability to endure the elements make them an excellent candidate for storage, whether for the long term or just a month or two.

Containers can take a beating and retain their weatherproof qualities. They’re meant for long lives at sea, so they’ll be able to last if appropriately maintained. That means they can protect your storage from heavy rains, wind, and dust.

Healthcare Storage Solutions Can Go Anywhere

Need to move a 20 ft container? No problem! We can come to your location and move it exactly where you need it. You’ll have full access to everything you’ve stored, always. That flexibility isn’t offered with many storage systems, especially in the medical industry. You can store these containers on location at your medical campus or our facility. They’re also compact enough to fit inside a parking spot.

Short-term rentals can provide breathing room for central storage modifications or upgrade projects. Hospitals can use containers as a long-term solution to logistics problems. For instance, if your facility is part of a more extensive health system, efficiently transporting materials between different facilities is crucial. Storage containers are made to be moved so you won’t have to deal with the frustrations presented by more anchored options.

It would be a mistake to stick with a stubborn, immobile storage system. Portable storage units provide extra space where and when you want it.

Healthcare storage solutions can store extra medical needs
In the healthcare industry, things can change rapidly. Make sure you have overflow storage before it’s required, and you’ll be glad that you did.

A Budget-Friendly Choice for Storage

When managing storage at your facility, it’s vital to reduce costs and streamline processes. Space in a hospital is high cost. As a result, finding ways to stretch the dollars you have is crucial. Compared with other solutions, like offsite storage, storage containers offer more space for a lower price. This is more pronounced in larger storage sizes. On top of that benefit, containers are portable and can move between locations as needed. Containers don’t usually come with climate control, although HVAC units and spray foam insulation can be installed in custom containers.

Containers have found use in various projects, from mobile testing facilities to affordable classrooms. Because of their sturdy construction, wind and watertight specifications and low cost, containers are used for many purposes.

Container Rentals and Modifications

A rental could provide heaps of value for your organization. Containers offer more storage space than an offsite storage facility for a more affordable price. However, if you’re considering constructing extra storage space, you might be interested in modifying a shipping container for specialized storage space.

We can fabricate containers for use in everything from training structures for firefighters to self-contained hydroponic farms. If you can imagine it, we can build it! Even minor modifications like adding windows, insulation or an HVAC system significantly affect how the container will work to accomplish your storage plans. Save money and use it where it counts: Improving operation success, staff retention and hospital growth.

Healthcare Storage Solutions from SMS

Southwest Mobile Storage understands the difficulties healthcare professionals in hospitals face in dealing with storage problems. Whether your organization is looking for a short-term solution or a more permanent pillar for organizing essential hospital supplies, give us a call. We’d love to discuss how we can work together to solve your problems.

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