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When it comes to storage solutions, mobility is a key factor to consider. You’re seeking a storage solution that safeguards your possessions from the detrimental effects of weathering and environmental elements. However, you want to move that stored material from one place to another. That’s where mobile storage containers come into play. These versatile units offer convenience, security and cost-effectiveness, making them an asset for a wide variety of projects.

The Value of Mobile Storage

In this blog, we explore the benefits of mobile storage and provide examples of their applications.

Mobile Storage Containers: What Are They?

Before diving into the advantages, let’s define mobile storage containers. These large, durable containers are specifically designed for storing and transporting goods. While they have gained recognition for securely transporting goods between continents on cargo ships, their value is appreciated globally, serving many different purposes.

They are made from robust materials such as steel or aluminum and feature secure locking mechanisms to protect the contents inside. Additionally, the containers are weatherproof, ensuring that your belongings remain safe from the elements.

A forklift lifting a 20ft mobile storage container onto a Southwest Mobile Storage Truck.
Storage containers can move from location to location on the back of a flatbed truck. Most 20 ft. containers can be transported loaded, while 40 ft. containers must be empty before delivery.

4 Benefits of Mobile Storage

There are several advantages to opting for a mobile storage solution:

1. Convenience

Mobile storage containers are delivered directly to your desired location, whether it’s your home, office or construction site. This eliminates transporting your belongings to and from a storage facility, saving time and effort.

2. Flexibility

You can keep the mobile storage container on-site for as long as needed. Whether it’s for a few days, weeks or even months, you can determine the storage duration.

3. Accessibility

Unlike traditional storage units, where you must visit a facility during specific operating hours, storage containers offer 24/7 access to your belongings. You can retrieve or add items at your convenience. If you prefer to store your container at a secure physical location, we allow you to store containers at our site.

4. Security

Mobile storage containers are built with security in mind. Southwest Mobile Storage employs a dual locking system with an elongated lockbox, a slide-bolt lock, and a puck lock. This multi-layered approach makes breaking into the container virtually impenetrable.

Uses for Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers have a wide range of applications. Here are a few examples:

1. Residential Moves

When moving to a new home, a mobile storage container can be delivered to your doorstep. You can pack your belongings at your own pace and have the container transported to your new location when you’re ready.

2. Renovations

During home renovations, you may need to clear out certain rooms or store furniture and valuables safely. A mobile storage container provides a secure and easily accessible solution away from the clutter.

3. Construction Sites

Construction projects often require on-site storage for tools, equipment, and materials. Mobile storage containers offer a convenient and secure storage option, allowing contractors to keep everything they need close at hand while ensuring only authorized personnel have access to those materials.

4. Business Storage

Companies can utilize containers for inventory storage, document archiving or temporary storage during office relocations.

Mobile Storage Security Features

One of the key advantages of mobile storage containers is their enhanced security features. Compared to sheds, PODs, and other storage options, these containers offer a higher level of protection:

  • Southwest Mobile Storage’s dual locking system: The combination of an elongated lockbox, a slide-bolt lock, and a puck lock makes unauthorized access to our rental containers nearly impossible.
  • Container qualities that make them secure: Storage containers are constructed from durable Corten steel resistant to environmental wear and break-ins. Additionally, their compact design and solid construction make them more difficult to breach than other storage options.

    Two Southwest Mobile Storage containers on a dirt lot. A 15 ft. unit is in the foreground, while a 40 ft. unit dominates the background.
    Southwest mobile storage containers come in various sizes, from 15 ft. units to 40 ft. units and longer. You’re welcome to come to one of our branch locations and take a look at available containers for rent or purchase.

Cost Effective

In addition to convenience and security, containers offer cost-effective storage solutions:

Cheaper Than Self-Storage

Renting a mobile storage container is often more cost-effective than renting a self-storage unit. You eliminate the need for transportation costs to and from a facility and avoid costly rental fees.

Cheaper to Rent

If you prefer the flexibility of a rental, rates are typically lower than the cost of leasing commercial space or building new storage structures on your property. At Southwest Mobile Storage, we have flexible 28-day billing cycles. Once you contact us to arrange the pickup of your rented mobile storage unit, your bill will be prorated from the following day.

Cheaper to Customize

If you require additional storage features or modifications, customizing a mobile storage container is more affordable than building or renovating a permanent structure.

Mobile Storage Modifications

Containers are not only versatile in terms of mobility but also in terms of customization:

  • Customize a storage container for exactly what you need: You can tailor the container’s interior to accommodate specific items, such as shelving units, hanging racks or specialized compartments.
  • Add storage options like pipe and storage racks, cabinets, and more: Depending on your storage requirements, you can include additional features to maximize space utilization and organization.
  • The benefit of a mobile office on a remote job site: By adding insulation, lighting and HVAC, containers can be transformed into comfortable mobile offices that can be used with a power connection or a generator. This is particularly useful for remote job sites, allowing you to have a dedicated workspace with storage exactly where it’s most useful.


Storage containers offer a wide range of benefits that make them a valuable storage solution. Their convenience, security features, cost-effectiveness and customization options make them suitable for various applications. Whether moving, renovating, or requiring on-site storage for business purposes, containers provide a flexible and reliable solution to meet your needs. With our durable construction and dual locking system, you can trust that your belongings will remain safe and secure wherever you go.

If you want to learn what mobile storage can do for you, start by letting us know your needs. If you fill out this online form, an experienced container sales representative will contact you with a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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