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Optimize Your Organization with Movable Shelves for Mobile Storage

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Movable shelves are a great way for commercial businesses owners and construction professionals to keep their workplace tools and equipment always within reach.

Movable shelves help you organize your container, giving you space to walk between your storage and keeping everything within view.

In this blog, we’ll teach you about how movable shelves help you organize your container and create a well-organized system that keeps vital equipment and materials easy to find.

How Are Shelves Installed Inside a Shipping Container?

To install a shelf in a shipping container, you need to attach it to something. Lucky enough, container manufacturers account for this, and commonly add D-rings: steel rings that are positioned inside the valleys of container corrugation.

Simply hook the shelf frames into the D-ring, and then add in wooden slats to complete the shelf. If you need to move the shelf, it’s as easy as removing the wooden slats, and then hooking the frame into another D-ring.


A small shipping container on the back of a trucks with its doors open, showcasing the movable shelves inside.
This container, mounted onto a chassis, has movable shelves and other storage options.

How Much Weight Can Movable Shelves Handle?

Movable shelves hold up to 2,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight per shelf. That’s a lot! To put it in perspective, that’s about the weight of 440 standard bricks.

Important Note

Make sure to spread the weight out evenly across the entire shelf. If you overload one area of the shelf, it could bend or break. Check the integrity of your shelf occasionally, to see if any spots are overburdened, and alleviate excessively heavy loads, when needed.

What Can You Store on a Movable Shelf?

With their high load capacity, movable shelves handle almost anything you need to store. From storing paint cans to tools, equipment, inventory for retail stores and more, shelves will meet your storage needs.

You can also use these shelves for pipe storage. Just remove the shelves, and then store pipes in the metal brackets. This makes shelves a versatile storage solution capable of handling mixed storage needs. Need to move around your shelves or remove one? There aren’t many container storage options that provide the same level of flexibility.

Pipe racks inside a shipping container used for storage.
Movable shelves are versatile as they can be easily attached to any d-ring inside the container.

Is There Anything That Shouldn’t Be Stored on Movable Shelves?

Don’t store excessively heavy materials on movable shelves. Keep the heaviest, bulkiest materials stored at ground level, and then use the shelves to store equipment and materials that you need to access more often.

How to Optimize Your Shelf Storage Space

List Storage from Most Used to Least Used

The key to organization starts with knowing what you have in the first place. Make a list of everything you have stored and assign a priority ranking (1-5) based on how often you use it. 1 signifies the most essential items, while 5 represents the least frequently used items. This gives you a good idea of what storage items are most essential for you.

Use The “Supermarket Strategy” To Optimize Your Storage Organization

Supermarkets strategically arrange their shelves to maximize sales. High-demand items are placed at eye level, where shoppers are most likely to see them. Conversely, less popular items are positioned on higher or lower shelves. They even use sugary treats at a child’s eye level to entice impulse purchases!

While organizing a container isn’t the same as a supermarket display, there are valuable parallels to consider. By applying similar principles, you can arrange your container for seamless accessibility.

Following the supermarket strategy, prioritize frequently used items (like your category 1 and 2 items) by placing them on easily accessible shelves within your container. This could be placing your first-aid kit or toolbox at a comfortable grabbing height, while less-used gear might be stored higher up.

This way, similar to how supermarkets encourage impulse buys with eye-catching displays, you’ll always have what you need quickly and efficiently.

Grocery store shelves stocked with dairy products.
Similar to how grocery stores place products to make customers’ experience as seamless as possible, you can position your most used objects at eye-height to make them easier to access.

Additional Container Storage Options

In addition to movable shelves, you can use gorilla racks, open and closed pipe racks, tool storage cabinets, cages and more to meet your unique storage needs. For instance, gorilla racks are a bit bulkier and less movable than shelves, but they can handle heavier loads.

Additionally, a tool storage cabinet is an even more specialized option for keeping hammers, grinders, or other work tools secure and organized.


Movable shelves are a game-changer for businesses and construction crews seeking a more organized and efficient workspace. They maximize container space, keep vital equipment readily accessible and offer impressive weight capacity.

By implementing a strategic storage plan, with frequently used items on easily reached shelves, you will streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

Need a storage container? We offer pro-rated, flexible rentals after the first 28-day billing cycle, putting the control of your storage in your hands. Contact us today for more information, or to request a quote for container purchases, rentals and modifications.

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