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How Portable Offices Provide Affordable Expansion

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Growing businesses have a constant need for more space. With new hires, inventory and equipment come the headaches that result from trying to fit everything into your old office space. When there’s not enough space for organized storage, or workspaces get cramped, it may be time to look at affordable office expansion options. In this blog, we’ll discuss why portable offices have become popular for addressing the challenge of limited office space in difficult locations.

Portable Offices Vs. Office Trailers

Portable offices sometimes get confused with office trailers. However, portable offices, also known as ground-level offices (GLOs), differ from office trailers in a few ways. Office trailers are always on a wheeled chassis and typically have stairs or ramps attached to the unit for access. They are constructed with steel or aluminum framing, although this may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Portable offices are generally more robust, with an exterior made of 14-gauge corrugated steel. They can be transported onto a truck bed with a forklift for long-distance transportation. Office trailers have a lifespan of 10-20 years, while portable offices can last between 10 and 25 years.

On top of this, GLOs don’t require the same level of maintenance as trailer offices. The tires of a trailer office must be checked once every month to ensure they have adequate tire pressure.

While both offices are portable, their method of delivery differs. You’ll need a flatbed truck to transport a portable office and a vehicle to tow office trailers. Another difference is that ground-level offices don’t require extensive setups like office trailers do. Office trailer setup can cost hundreds of dollars and prolong the delivery process. Trailers might require tie downs and assembly for skirting, ramps and stairs. A typical installation can take between 60-90 minutes.

A Southwest Mobile Storage office container with bright blue side rails.
You can put a portable office anywhere with a power connection. Portable offices are regularly used in construction, warehouses, refineries and the energy sector.

Where are Portable Offices Used?

Portable offices can commonly be found on construction sites. However, they can be found anywhere where building a permanent structure would present challenges. For construction sites, it wouldn’t make sense for the workers to construct a facility they only needed for the project’s duration.

Because of this, portable offices are widely used in that industry. Warehouses, refineries and the energy sector are other industries that commonly use mobile offices. Portable offices have minimal setup requirements, can be located anywhere with a power connection and do not require the same level of maintenance as other options like office trailers.

Benefits of Portable Offices

Portable offices are designed to be easy to deliver and set up, making them the perfect solution for those who need office space in a pinch. One of the main advantages of ground-level offices is their ease of delivery. These offices are designed to be transported easily and can be delivered to your site with minimal hassle. Because they are built using repurposed steel cargo containers, ground level offices are solid and durable, making them easy to transport without damage.

Once the office has been delivered to your site, setting it up is a breeze. Unlike office trailers that require installation and planning, ground-level offices can be installed without additional support or foundations. This means that setup can be completed quickly and efficiently without requiring specialized equipment.

Another advantage of ground-level offices is their flexibility. You can modify these offices to your needs, whether it’s a larger space or additional features like windows, doors or partitions. You can easily create a custom office space tailored to your unique requirements.

Lastly, portable offices are wind and weather-tight, which can keep materials inside from being soiled or tampered with. Shipping containers are designed to endure the worst conditions of the open ocean, making them great for keeping out the natural elements. On top of this, portable offices come with lighting and HVAC, so your team can stay efficient and comfortable, regardless of outside conditions.

A Southwest Mobile Storage mobile office container with barred windows.
Portable offices offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for growing businesses that need to expand their office space without the hassle of constructing permanent structures.

Portable Office Sizes

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we have a variety of portable office sizes to choose from. These are the most common sizes on hand, but we may also have 15ft, 24ft and 30ft units available.

  • 8ft x 8.5ft x 10ft
  • 8ft x 8.5ft x 20ft
  • 8ft x 8.5ft x 40ft

In addition to office containers, we also offer portable offices that provide a mix of office and storage space. These combo containers aren’t always in our inventory, so ask your sales representative if we have any in stock.


Portable offices offer an ideal solution to the challenge of limited space. They are versatile, weather-resistant and can be customized to meet your unique needs. Portable offices are not only easy to deliver and set up but are also built to last. They provide a durable and cost-effective solution for businesses that need office space in challenging locations. Whether you need temporary or permanent office space, portable offices offer a fast, convenient and hassle-free solution.

Need more storage space for your growing business? You’re welcome to visit one of our branch locations in Colorado, California and Arizona and examine our container fleet. Whether you need more office space, storage space, or both — we’ve got your back. Speak with a container representative today and receive a free quote.

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