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How Portable Outdoor Storage Containers Help Your Business

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When you buy portable outdoor storage containers for your business, you get a fast, affordable way to have your growing inventory close at hand while keeping costs low. You need to be able to keep your products on hand to fill orders for your customers quickly. If you can’t, you might have to eliminate excess inventory. But that can cause you to lose revenue and force you to repurchase necessary items repeatedly. Portable storage containers are delivered onsite to your business, so you will never have to leave work to restock or retrieve an item from storage.

7 Ways Portable Outdoor Storage Can Work For You

Suppose you decide to keep your items at an offsite self-storage facility. In that case, you have to spend additional time and money to pay an employee to retrieve and store your items, putting you at risk of liability if anything happens on the way. Buying a portable outdoor storage container for your business increases revenue and productivity while saving money, time and stress. This blog highlights seven reasons why purchasing a portable outdoor storage container for your business is a smart idea.

Portable outdoor storage containers providing storage outside a warehouse.
Buying a portable outdoor storage container is a cost-effective way to add more space.

1. Portable Outdoor Storage Containers Are Affordable

You can buy a portable outdoor storage container as a long-term storage solution for your business. An onsite container gives you and your employees quick access to your inventory and equipment for a smaller price tag.

Facility fees aren’t the only disadvantage of using offsite storage. There’s also the added cost of driving back and forth between two locations. To make matters more complex, many self-storage facilities are only open during standard business hours. This prevents drop-offs and pickups before and after hours. Not to mention that buying a portable outdoor storage container gives you more storage space and a permanent solution that you only have to pay for once. It also costs your business less per cubic foot than an offsite public storage unit.

2. They Are Efficient

Along with affordability, the ability to easily access items onsite creates better employee efficiency. Driving across town to retrieve goods or looking for items can take time, cutting into valuable working hours. An onsite portable outdoor storage container is convenient. It only takes a few minutes or less to reach, and finding supplies or materials is simple when keeping an organized space.

You can also add roll-up doors to your portable outdoor storage container to make accessing your stored inventory easier, boosting efficiency and productivity for your team. There are various other modification options when you purchase a container for your business. At Southwest Mobile Storage, one of our most basic customization options is painting the outside of the container with your business’s custom colors and logo.

3. Portable Outdoor Storage Containers Are Secure

Protection from thieves, unauthorized personnel, and even weather is crucial for any business, especially considering how much it costs to repair or replace your inventory, equipment, tools and other valuables. When you buy a portable container for your business, you must ensure that the contents will be safe and secure. Southwest Mobile Storage’s portable outdoor storage containers for sale are weatherproof and have a high-security dual-locking system, making them extremely difficult for intruders to break into.

Choose a portable outdoor storage container for sale that comes wind and watertight, and with high-security locks, so you won’t ever have to stress about the safety of your business’s valuables. At SMS, our storage containers are available in various grades to fit your needs. We have detailed shipping container grades to help you better understand and identify which container is best for your business needs.

4. They Are Movable

When you need to expand your business by moving to a larger location, it can be a pain to pack up your current place, transport it and unpack it. As the name suggests, portable containers are movable. You can transport your container to your new location with no packing required. Plus, you can store items at the site during the moving process, so you always have access to what you need.

The most common container dimensions available to buy are 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot “high cube” containers. If you think you’ll need to relocate your container later, buy a storage container that’s 20 feet long or smaller so you can move it loaded. According to industry standards, we can only move 20-foot shipping containers or smaller. The Department of Transportation has weight restrictions that do not allow the transport of loaded 40- and 45-foot shipping containers.

A portable outdoor storage container with a sign that reads "Southwest Mobile Storage."
Containers are portable, which means they can be moved with a forklift. 20ft containers can be moved while loaded, but 40ft container must be empty prior to transportation.

5. Portable Outdoor Storage Containers Are Versatile

Portable containers are versatile. You can buy a portable container for your business with windows, electricity and HVAC. A container can help avoid undergoing lengthy construction. Using portable containers as a workspace allows you to solve your business needs for additional staff space without spending the time, money and energy to renovate your existing structure or add a new building.

You can convert storage containers into a fully functional mobile office, a company breakroom, a guard shack or a traffic control booth. It can also be a terrific space to offer a new business service like paint mixing, key cutting, framing, laminating, wood cutting or holiday gift wrapping.

6. Customizing Portable Outdoor Storage Containers

Customizing portable containers to your specifications gives you a one-of-a-kind solution to your needs. It also helps you grow your business. Containers can be modified into virtually anything. For example, your container can become a popup shop for new products and services at local trade shows and farmers markets. You can reduce the costs of renting a booth at an exhibit with your mobile popup shop. A custom container for an offsite event prepares you better for the expo. It also makes an impact on potential customers.

At SMS, we can customize a container for anything you can think of to improve or expand your business. Our certified welders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, engineers, painters and fabricators have more than 500 years of combined experience in container fabrication. No other company in the industry has the breadth and depth of people and expertise.

Check out this video to see us customize a 20-foot shipping container with electricity, insulation, heating and air conditioning.

7. They Are Sustainable

If your business is invested in incorporating more eco-friendly practices, buying storage containers can help you in your sustainability mission. Storage containers are manufactured to transport goods worldwide for global trade. Once they’ve circulated for about 10 years, they are sold for repurposing. These are called “as-is” containers.

As-is containers are more affordable than newer “one-trip” containers that make a single voyage overseas before being repurposed. As-is containers are more weathered than one-trip containers but they still get the job done regarding storage and security. The more portable containers you buy for your business, the bigger positive impact you’ll have on the environment.


SMS sells new and used ISO steel shipping containers for commercial storage in Arizona, California and Colorado. Our certified fabrication experts also modify custom shipping containers you can purchase nationwide. No matter what industry or business you are in, we can meet your needs. From storage to pop-up shops, buying portable outdoor storage containers gives you the creative flexibility to do whatever you want.

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