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Guide to Shipping Container Gaskets and Seals

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Gaskets are essential components in the shipping container industry, providing a weathertight seal to the container doors. They are designed to create a secure lock along the edges of the doors, preventing the entry of moisture and other contaminants that could damage the contents of the container. But there’s more to it than that. Below, we discuss the importance of shipping container gaskets and how they can help protect your valuable goods.

Why You Need Shipping Container Gaskets

Shipping container gaskets are made of rubber and inserted into a channel or groove along the edges of the container doors. When the doors close, the gaskets compress, creating a tight seal resistant to environmental factors like wind and rain. One of the main functions of shipping container gaskets is to prevent moisture from entering the container. Water can cause damage to goods such as electronics, textiles and paper products, leading to rust, mold and mildew. The gaskets prevent moisture from seeping into the container, ensuring a dry environment for stored goods.

Extreme Weather Reinforcement

A diagram showing the layout of container gaskets. One gaskets is complete, while another only covers three of the door's sides.
While shipping container gasket layouts are different depending on the manufacturer of the container, this is a common gasket layout. The gasket on the right door (B) is a complete gasket, while the gasket on the left door (A) is in three parts.

Shipping container gaskets can withstand various climate conditions, including extreme weather. They are constructed from high-quality materials, like EPDM rubber, a synthetic rubber. EPDM stands for “ethylene propylene diene monomer” rubber and it provides excellent resistance to weather, ozone, UV radiation, and high and low temperatures. It’s durable and flexible, making it suitable for use in various commercial and industrial applications, including roofing, automotive parts and electrical insulation.

EPDM rubber makes gaskets UV-resistant, meaning they can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating. This is especially important in regions with high amounts of sunshine, where exposure to UV rays can cause traditional rubber gaskets to become brittle and crack over time.

In addition to their resistance to temperature and sunlight, shipping container gaskets can withstand high winds and heavy rain. They create a seal around the edges of the container doors, preventing water from entering the container during stormy weather. This is important for protecting the contents of the container from costly water damage.

Where are Shipping Container Gaskets Located?

Gaskets are a crucial component of shipping container design. They provide a barrier against environmental factors that can damage the goods inside. The channels or grooves holding the gaskets are typically located on the vertical edges of the container doors and the horizontal edges connecting the two doors. The gaskets are inserted into these channels or grooves and commonly held in place by bolts affixed to a retaining strip.

The method of fastening gaskets may be different between different manufacturers. The gaskets compress when the container doors close, creating a tight seal that prevents contaminants from entering the container. It is worth noting that shipping container gaskets can also differ depending on the container manufacturer. Some use four separate gaskets to line a door, while others have a gasket that’s one complete piece.

Container Gaskets Provide Added Protection

Shipping container gaskets can provide added protection by preventing the leakage of cargo. For example, if a container carrying painting materials is not correctly sealed, it can leak and create a potentially dangerous mess. The gaskets and door seals help prevent that, providing an added layer of safety for everyone involved. Spills inside the container are much easier to deal with than spills that breach the container’s seals.

Shipping container gaskets can also help prevent theft and tampering of the goods inside the container. A tight seal around the edges of the container doors makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with your goods. This can deter thieves from attempting to break into your container.

Summary of Container Gaskets

Shipping containers are an excellent choice for storage use. They offer a secure, weather-resistant and versatile storage solution. With shipping container gaskets that prevent moisture from entering the container, you can trust that your stored items will remain safe and dry.

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