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How to Prepare for Your Shipping Container Pickup with Video

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Preparing for your shipping container pickup will help you avoid the possibility of fees and rescheduling. Maybe you’re upgrading to a larger rental container, moving from one location to another, or simply don’t need it anymore. In any case, we want to help you make sure your pickup goes off without a hitch.

In this article, you’ll learn what to do to make your mobile office or storage container pickup a success.

Clear the Interior of Your Container

You’ll want to skip this step if we’re moving a loaded 20ft storage container to a new location for you. While most 20ft containers can be moved while loaded, 40ft containers need to be empty; both before pickup and

Completely empty out your storage container or mobile office for pickup. This includes any pallets or leftover building materials, which commonly get left behind. Blow or sweep out your container when done.

If your container is dirty or still filled with material at pickup, you may be charged a clean out fee.

Clear the Surrounding Area

Nothing should be on top of or leaning against your shipping container for pickup. This ensures none of your valuable property is lost or damaged.

Also, ensure the path to your container is clear of debris or anything that may get in the way of our truck. This includes tree branches, roofing, arches, wires and other overhead items. Remember your space needs to be at least:

  • 12ft W by 13ft H (14ft H for high cube shipping containers)
  • 135ft L for 45ft containers
  • 120ft L for 30-40ft containers
  • 60ft L for 20-24ft containers
  • 50ft L for 15ft or smaller containers.

If you have a mobile office, have a licensed electrician disconnect it from power before requesting pickup.

A shipping container being picked up from a job site.
Shipping container pickup is a simple process. After you’re done with your container rental, call us to have your container picked up. Your rental rate will be pro-rated, so you only pay for the days you used the container past the first 28-day billing cycle.

Ensure Your Location is Accessible for Shipping Container Pickup

Let us know before your pickup day if there’s any gates on the way that might cut off access to your location. Ensure these are open for our container truck to pass through.

If your location is large and without street signs, you can help us find your unit by providing directions to it.

Unlock your Containers

Ensure that you unlock your container and remove your puck lock and any additional padlocks. It helps to arrange for someone to be present to unlock it when we arrive.

If your unit is locked, and there is nobody available to unlock it, we will need to dispatch someone to cut off the lock, which will result in rescheduling the shipping container pickup and incurring additional fees.

By following these simple instructions, you can ensure that your mobile office or storage container pickup will be a smooth and stress-free experience. Clearing out the interior and surrounding area of your container, ensuring accessibility to the container and unlocking your container will all help to avoid extra fees and rescheduling.

We are committed to making sure that your shipping container pickup goes off without a hitch, so you can focus on what’s important to you. Remember to call us for all your storage or office container needs, and we will be happy to assist you.

Talk with a dedicated Southwest Mobile Storage representative the next time you need to rent storage or office containers.

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