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How to Create a Custom Shipping Container Tack Room

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A custom shipping container tack room offers more durability, portability, and security than a pre-made tack shed. When it comes to innovative and versatile solutions for storage and functional spaces, it’s no wonder why repurposing shipping containers is a trend that’s gaining significant traction.

If you need a room for storing, organizing, and maintaining your equipment, from saddles, bridles and grooming supplies to blankets, clothes and more, look no further than shipping container tack rooms. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of creating them and explore the benefits, functionality and process behind it.

Why Use a Shipping Container Tack Room?


A shipping container tack room is a substantially more durable solution compared to pre-made tack rooms. Typically, manufacturers use wood, plastic, or other light materials to make sheds, but these are not as strong or long-lasting as steel.

Shipping containers endure the harshest conditions on land and at sea, which makes them durable and versatile storage solutions. Their sturdy construction, made from 14-gauge Corten steel, means they can easily serve as a functional storage space for your equestrian needs.


Shipping containers are designed for transportation, making them more portable than traditional tack rooms. This mobility provides an advantage for ranchers and equestrians who may need to relocate or expand their facilities.

Whether you’re a competitive rider traveling to different shows or a stable owner needing to rearrange your layout, you can move a shipping container tack room without tear-down and reassembly, minimizing disruptions and maintaining functionality.


Security is paramount when it comes to your valuable equestrian equipment and supplies. Shipping containers offer robust security features, with a multi-point locking system. Container locking bars slide into locking brackets for a snug fit, and padlocks lock them into place until you need to access the container contents again.

Unlike traditional tack rooms susceptible to break-ins or damage, a shipping container tack room provides a higher level of security, ensuring your horse-riding equipment remains protected. If you’d like a container with additional security features, we can add the options that we put on our rental containers: a long lock box, a secure puck lock and a slide bolt system.

Modifications & Add Ons for a Shipping Container Tack Room

The versatility of repurposing shipping containers lies in their ability to be transformed into many different functional spaces tailored to your unique needs. Here are some modifications and add-ons you can consider for your tack room.

A southwest mobile storage container that's been converted into a tack room.
With movable shelves, you can create a custom container tack room that’s perfect for your situation.

Saddle and Bridle Organization

One of the key functions of a tack room is storing saddles. Shipping containers provide ample space for organizing and efficiently storing these. You can install saddle racks, hooks and shelves to keep your saddles clean, organized and easily accessible.

With proper planning, you can even create designated areas for different types of saddles, allowing you to quickly find the one you need without the hassle of searching through a cluttered space.

Additionally, bridles, halters and other headgear are essential components of any equestrian setup. A shipping container tack room can be customized to accommodate these items. Installing hooks, pegs or even small shelves can help keep bridles neatly organized and prevent tangling.

Consider incorporating storage solutions like lockers, cabinets and doors for smaller items like riding gloves, bits, reins and grooming supplies, ensuring that everything has its designated place.

Cut Out Sides

Natural light is valuable for any tack room. By removing the side wall of the container, it allows for open and easy access to your gear stored inside. While cut-out sides forgo traditional container security, if you store the container on your property or in a secure place, it is likely that your goods will be left untouched.

By modifying your container with cut-out sides or modified doors, you also allow the sun’s rays to flood inside your space. This makes your tack room feel more inviting and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. But while a cut-out container is well and good, sometimes you need a more sophisticated entrance.

Consider adding a roll-up door, which has the relative ease of a cut-out container, allowing quick entry inside, but with additional security benefits. However, if you’d prefer a door with a traditional handle, consider our next tack room modifications.

Modified Doors

Roll-up doors are only one of the many door types that we can modify onto your tack room. We also offer personnel doors, which you can lock with a key or via a keypad, security doors with push bars, sliding glass doors, gates, and more. Depending on what you need, whether that’s security, accessibility or aesthetics, we have a door that can work for your tack room.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we understand that each tack room is unique, and we take pride in tailoring our door solutions to your specific needs.

The inside of a shipping container that's been modified to serve as a tack room.
By adding lighting to your tack room, you can ensure that the room is operational, even during low-light conditions.

How Do I Buy a Shipping Container Tack Room?

Purchasing a shipping container to convert it into a tack room involves several steps:

Determine Your Size & Specifications

Choose a shipping container size that suits your needs. Standard sizes are 20 or 40ft long by 8ft wide by 8.5ft tall, but you also have the choice to use high-cube containers, which add an extra foot of height. We also provide you with the flexibility to get a container modified to any size you need.

Speak with your sales representative about what you want out of your shipping container tack room, and they can provide you with a quote.

Provide us with your design, and ideas of what modifications you want to add. Ensure that your design includes all specifications you need and everything else you want. It’s easier to narrow down your specifications than add more during the process.

Choose Your Container

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we always allow you to visit our branch locations and examine your container before you make a purchasing decision. If you want to visit us, give us a call and schedule a time to meet with a sales representative in person. Then, they can show you a selection of containers to choose from.

Prepare for Delivery

Arrange the delivery of the container to your desired location. Ensure that our trucks will have clear and unobstructed delivery access to your preferred container location. To learn more about the delivery process, check out our blog and instructional video on the topic.

A beige shipping container on the back of a truck.
The only task remaining before your container arrives is to designate a solid, level space for the container’s placement. Following that, you can unwind as we take care of the logistics, providing you with advance notice of our arrival.


Creating a tack room from a shipping container combines practicality and innovation. Whether you’re a dedicated equestrian enthusiast, a stable owner or a professional in the industry, this creative approach to storage can reflect your unique equestrian style.

By repurposing these containers, equestrians can embrace a new level of functionality and innovation within their facilities. So, if you’re seeking to optimize storage, a shipping container tack room might be the innovative solution you’ve been searching for.

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