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Southwest Mobile Storage in Denver, Colorado

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Looking for mobile storage in Denver? Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container provider that has serviced Denver, Colorado since 2000. While our branch location is in Henderson, we provide our services to the entire state of Colorado.

If you need storage for your business or personal use, we’re happy to assist. We’ve helped a variety of customers improve their storage organization, giving our customers flexibility with pro-rated rentals following the first 28-day billing cycle.

In this blog, we’ll describe the services that we offer, how you can find our location, and how you can contact us to buy, rent or modify shipping containers.

What Mobile Storage Options in Denver Do We Offer?

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we sell containers, from new “One Trip” units to used “As-Is” containers. We also have a rental fleet of wind and weathertight containers and can meet customer-specific needs by modifying containers to their specifications.

Common modifications include roll-up doors, personnel doors, windows, keypads and more.

Additionally, we provide ground-level mobile offices to construction customers, which can serve as heating stations during cold Colorado winters.


By renting a shipping container, you give yourself the flexibility to make decisions on the fly. With a 28-day billing cycle, the control of your container rental is in your hands.

Whether you’re a business using storage containers to expand your reach, or a construction contractor that needs a storage container provider that can adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of the industry, we’ve got your back.


In addition to our container rental fleet, we also offer containers for purchase, giving you the option to buy storage for an upfront, one-time cost. Our containers for purchase meet a variety of needs, from like-new “One-Trip” containers to more worn “As-Is” containers.

Whether you have the skills to maintain a container’s condition on your own, or just want to buy a container for your personal use, our containers available for purchase can help you meet your storage needs.


We don’t just rent and sell containers, we’re also experts in modification and customization. From small modifications like adding doors, windows and hooks, to larger modifications, we can transform a container into a specialized space for whatever you need.

From green energy companies to ranchers, small businesses, and more, we’ve worked with a wide variety of organizations to make specialized containers to organize their work.

Our modification work is just as varied as the types of industries we’ve served, allowing us to meet our customers where they are, understand their circumstances and work together to create the perfect storage solution.

How to Rent, Buy, or Modify Mobile Storage Containers in Denver, Colorado

1. Consult with a Container Sales Expert

Your first step is to talk with a sales representative. They’ll guide you through the process and can provide you with a quote. Their expertise allows them to assess your specific needs and recommend the ideal container size and type tailored to your need.

2. Prepare the Container Site

Once you’ve settled on the perfect container, it’s time to prepare its designated location. This preparation might involve clearing the area, ensuring a level surface and confirming that our delivery truck can access your preferred location. A properly prepared site ensures the safe and stable placement of your container, smoothing the delivery process.

3. Receiving Your Storage Container

After completing all the necessary preparations, it’s time to receive your storage container. We try to provide advanced notice before delivery, helping you plan for our arrival

Whether you choose to buy or rent, these steps will ensure a smooth and efficient process, ultimately providing you with the convenience and peace of mind that accompanies hassle-free storage.

A beige shipping container in the snow in Denver, Colorado.
At Southwest Mobile Storage in Denver, Colorado, we offer a variety of containers for purchase or rent. In addition to standard shipping containers for storage, we also offer ground-level offices for construction customers, and custom modified units to meet your unique needs.

Touring Our Container Yard

Want to see a container you’re buying before making a purchasing decision? We know that it can be difficult to spend money on something you haven’t seen. In fact, it might be wise to double check the authenticity of any container provider, as scammers on Facebook Marketplace and eBay are prolific.

If you swing by one of our branches, you can walk through our container yard, and inspect the containers with a sales representative who can address any questions you may have.

How to Contact Us

Contacting us is easy, you can request a quote, or give us a call. After contacting us, we’ll connect you with a sales representative. They can answer any questions you have, tell you about the details of our delivery and billing process and bring up considerations you hadn’t thought of.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we’ll always connect you to your dedicated sales representative, helping our team better serve your unique needs.

Where We’re Located

While our rental services have a regional reach with branches across Arizona, California and Colorado, our sales and modification operations extend nationwide and are progressively going global.

Our Henderson branch is located at 9595 Brighton Rd.

Want to know how to get to our office?

  1. Take I-25 north to I-76 east and continue for 12 miles
  2. Take exit 11 to East 96th Ave
  3. Take the 3rd exit from the roundabout, and turn onto Brighton Road (The I-76 Service Road)
  4. Our branch is located on the right, you should be able to identify it when you see our container yard.

Where Else Can You Find Us?

We have five branches in three different states, including Arizona and California. Even if we don’t have a location close to you, our staff can accommodate out-of-state modification requests. We’re prepared to help with whatever project you’re working on. Here’s where you can find our other branches:

Phoenix, Arizona

Our headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona and is located at 1005 N 50th St, 85008.

Tucson, Arizona

Our Southwest Mobile Storage branch in Tucson is located at 9635 N. Casa Grande Hwy, 85743.

Los Angeles, California (Rancho Cucamonga)

In Los Angeles, our branch location is located at 9551 Lucas Ranch Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

San Diego, California

Our office in San Diego is located at 9379 Frost-Mar Pl, CA 92121.

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